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A letter from Master of Token (Founder)

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A letter from Master of Token (Founder)

Froggies Token

By Froggies Token

3 months ago
3 mins read
A letter from Master of Token (Founder)


The last month has been INCREDIBLE! Firstly, we saw amazing organic price growth, but even more important, our $FRGST community has strengthened and become wonderfully involved in the future of this shared project. Our socials channels in Telegram, Twitter and Discord have absolutely exploded. YouTube videos about our token are being posted by crypto content creators and community members are taking initiatives to create merchandise and help us support and grow our $FRGST Family. This is the energy that will fuel the fire that will bring us to the next chapter of $FRGST.

At this point our development team is solely working on $FRGST as a project of passion and reward ourselves just as we do our Ambassadors and community members who commit their time to the mission of $FRGST. We trust that someday all these collective actions will translate into something with real life benefits and to financially empower our holders and their family and friends.

The latest developments have proven to us that we are exactly where we need to be to reach the growth potential we are targeting and believe we can reach.

Our Development Team has been continuously expanding since November 2021. We have safely and steadily managed the project responsibly and professionally, proving accountability with our community and investors.

Our community has been exponentially growing and becoming more involved in shaping the future of $FRGST.

We have initiated several Utilities which are in development.

-Beta version of our very own Play to Earn game was released in December 2022 and is being further developed.

-Our Staking Platform “Rich Ribbit” will be released end of March 2023, with attractive APY’s which will encourage our community to commit their investments for longer terms and stabilize our price.

-An On-Chain Entertainment platform will be released with a target of Summer 2023

-We are researching bridging $FRGST to other chains, once again utilizing cross chain accessibility in the second half of 2023

-We are also developing an NFT series with community Utility which will complement our Genesis Token series and further reward our early investors.

All these combined accomplishments have put us in a position for explosive growth, and in the past month we have seen many new small and large investors join our community. We have seen 20x gains in the last month and from our perspective, this growth can and will continue. This growth can be slow and study or come out of the blue with trending on multiple cryptocurrency platforms, the important thing is, that both are healthy and a mix of both is the best for our project.

So, from us to those who have joined us and are new to $FRGST as well as those who have been with us since the beginning, here is a few insights from our perspective.

Short Term - Lots of wild swings in price action are healthy for both our project and our holders, with our new tax structure this means the higher the trading volume, the more reflections for our Holders and Development wallet, as well as token burns, creating scarcity and deflation.

Mid Term - We want to set everything in motion that we can, in order to be one of the finest low market cap meme coins on the market. When we do see yet another Bull Run in the Crypto market, we will be ready with all tools necessary to make sure we are positioned for maximum gains.

Long Term - Past the Bull Runs and the Bear Markets, $FRGST is FOREVER and since this has now become a part of our life, our obligations as a team are to continually work for you, our Holder. We plan to continually provide passive income for our early holders through our future staking platforms and reflections.

We are looking forward to seeing what the $FRGST FUTURE holds for us all

All the Best

Master of Token

Website | Buy $FRGST | Telegram


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