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The 2022 Galxe Holiday Celebration

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The 2022 Galxe Holiday Celebration


By Galxe

6 months ago
5 mins read
The 2022 Galxe Holiday Celebration

Happy Holiday Season, Astronauts! It’s been a wild year and we all deserve some sort of celebration to honor all that we’ve accomplished in 2022. Listen close and snuggle closer to the fire because Galxe has something positively festive to share with you.

Tis’ the season to be jolly and giving back to our supportive community. After an eventful year in Web3, Galxe Girl and 15 projects are pooling $30,000 worth of rewards because we’re especially thankful for you!

End your year off with some wholesome holiday cheer!

Galxe Girl’s Holiday Celebration 2022

Once upon a time, in a land filled with degens, crypto-enthusiasts, and of course a reindeer or two…lived Galxe Girl. Having completely exhausted herself by hosting a Holiday End Of Year Rave in 2021, she decided to do things a little differently this year. Instead of a wild Rave, she would be hosting a sophisticated holiday party instead.

Sitting by her frost covered window at night, Galxe Girl decided upon a guest list.

And guess who Galxe Girl decided to invite to this seemingly low-key party? Her brother, Galxe Boy of course!

But you see, her “intimate” holiday party turned into something quite BIG. And with Galxe Boy arriving soon, she realized just how much extra help she needed to complete her shopping list and ensure her party impressed her older brother.

What was Galxe Girl going to do?!

This is where the story ends and you come in! Yes, you! On December 12th, Galxe Girl will be sending out Holiday Party RSVPs to all Web3 explorers. You’re cordially invited to Galxe Girl’s Holiday Party! But there’s a catch. There’s always a catch. She needs your help in finishing her shopping list and securing all the necessary items to welcome Galxe Boy to her home. Are you up for the holiday challenge?

Galxe Holiday Celebration Details

To kick off this holiday campaign, Galxe will be launching the Holiday Celebration December 12th, 11:00 AM UTC with our loyal community of Web3 Astronauts! There will be an additional AMA hosted by Galxe with special guests from the Web3 community, be sure to follow @Galxe on Twitter for details and updates!

Every day, a new task will be available on Galxe for you to complete and collect holiday-inspired items in the form of an NFT. These items will help Galxe Girl throw a successful holiday dinner party for Galxe Boy! Tasks will be available starting December 12th in partnership with 15 of your favorite dApps. A new partner will be revealed each day and these dApps will be asking participants to perform a set amount of on/off-chain actions.

After you have completed the action(s) for that day, you’ll be able to claim a mystery box, containing a special holiday item. Astronauts will be able to trade and swap those items and reach a certain amount of UNIQUE items to be eligible for a legendary Galxe Boy NFT! Depending on the number of unique items collected, you could mint Galxe Boy in different tiers: bronze, silver, and gold.

Here is a little sneak peek of some of the rarer Holiday Item NFTs:

You will be able to claim and trade Mystery Box items until January 6th, 11:00 AM UTC to achieve the Galxe Boy NFT in bronze, silver, or gold that you desire. On January 9th, participants will be able to mint Galxe Boy based on the number of unique items they hold!

Galxe Boy NFT (Bronze, Silver, & Gold)

Over the course of the month, you can collect, trade, and swap Mystery Box NFT items to acquire as many unique ones as you wish to claim the Galxe Boy NFT in different rarity tier. You might be wondering, when do we get to met Galxe Boy? Well… You’ll need to help and celebrate with Galxe Girl to find out at the end of the campaign!

The breakdown of how many items are required for each Galxe Boy rarity type is outlined below:

Bronze Galxe Boy — 13 unique Holiday Items to claim

Silver Galxe Boy — 14 unique Holiday Items to claim

Gold Galxe Boy — 15 unique Holiday Items to claim

The Season Of Giving

To give back to our dedicated community of Astronauts, we’re throwing in more prizes and extra fun! In addition to the exquisite holiday items and Galxe Boy NFT, you could also win rewards from a total prize pool of $30K! That’s right! Participating projects are giving out $15K for Astronauts who complete individual tasks, and Galxe is offering $15K GAL on top of that!

Last but not least, a special shout out to the Galxe Discord community for coming up with the list of holiday items for this campaign last month!

Astronauts, keep an eye on the official Galxe Twitter Page to stay up to date on the tasks which will be rolled out every day and for more information please visit our FAQ page.
Thanks for joining us in the Galxe this year. Happy holidays and good luck!

Galxe Holiday Celebration Schedule

Night 1 — A Galxe Holiday Celebration by Galxe

Claim your first Mystery Box here!

Night 2 — A Galxe Holiday Celebration by Flowcarbon.

Claim here!

Night 3 — A Galxe Holiday Celebration by SPACE ID

Claim a Mystery Box with Holiday Item here!
Night 4 — A Galxe Holiday Celebration by ZetaChain
Claim one Mystery Box here!
New projects and tasks coming up every day…

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