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The DCA module testing whitelist is now open!

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The DCA module testing whitelist is now open!


By Roobee

4 months ago
2 mins read
The DCA module testing whitelist is now open!

We've almost finished working on our DCA module and we're gearing up towards the release. But the module needs to be properly tested before it goes live, and that's when your help will be needed and greatly appreciated! Don't worry — there won't be anything tricky.

About the Roobee DCA module:

In a nutshell, it's a decentralized and automated module that incorporates the dollar-cost averaging strategy. In just a few clicks, Roobee users will be able to set up their preferred investment strategy and the DCA module will take care of the rest via automatic crypto purchases. Roobee's DCA module will allow you to customize a number of parameters including the asset, purchase frequency, and the overall investment period. For instance, you can set up the DCA module to automatically buy $10 worth of BTC daily, weekly, or monthly for one year. The purchased crypto will be immediately sent to your wallet address.

An example of a set up strategy: the DCA module buys $10 worth of BTC once a week over the course of 5 years. The purchased BTC is immediately sent to your wallet balance.

Here's how the testing will go:

  1. Today, we start accepting applications for the DCA module testing.
  2. Next, we will select testers and grant them access to the DCA module.
  3. Users with access begin testing.
  4. Once the testing is completed, the DCA module goes live.

Here's what you need to know about the testing:

  • The testing will be performed in a closed format, and only users with access will be able to test the module.
  • The testing will take place on the Polygon Mainnet.


We've prepared the following rewards for each DCA module tester:

  • An exclusive POAP NFT
  • A Discord role (OG Tester)

How do I apply for the Testers Whitelist?

You can sign up to the whitelist via the #DCA-whitelist channel on our Discord server:

We'll make an announcement once the first wave of testers has been granted access. Please follow our updates!


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