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2nd Report Of January 2023

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2nd Report Of January 2023

Matrix AI Network

By Matrix AI Network

Created 4 months ago, last updated 4 months ago
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2nd Report Of January 2023

Mainnet Performance

  • Validation nodes: 95
  • Mining nodes: 1199
  • New wallets added: 793

Project Update

Brain Wave Data Reception and Storage – 0%

  • Sorted out key brain wave types.

Brain Wave Data Analysis and Modelling – 3%

  • Analysed and fine-tuned the preliminary content framework of key brain wave types.

Brain Wave Data-Based AI Services – 4%

  • Picked five potential brain wave AI service ideas to work on.
  • Analysed the feasibility of the five AI services.

Special Patches – 3%

  • Updated the requirement framework of Intelligent Contract.
  • Finalised the technical roadmap of Intelligent Contract.
  • Finished designing a cross-platform system framework for MANTA.
The Matrix AI Network was founded in 2017. In 2023, we enter Matrix 3.0 blending neuroscience with our previous work to realize the vision of the Matrix films.


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