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Media Licensing Token ($MLT) to be Listed on Blockbank

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Media Licensing Token ($MLT) to be Listed on Blockbank



4 months ago
2 mins read
Media Licensing Token ($MLT) to be Listed on Blockbank
MILC Platform is pleased to announce that its utility token, $MLT, is now listed on Blockbank. Blockbank allows users to tap into the centralized, decentralized, and traditional finance world, minus the complexity. It provides a full centralized finance experience through its custodial wallet and the services of decentralized finance through its non-custodial wallet at your fingertips. Users can access cheap and fast transactions along with educational material to help them take more informed decisions.
$MLT, MILC Platform’s utility token, has been listed on the #DeFi side of the Blockbank app. Both ERC20 and BEP20 $MLT tokens will be supported here. MILCians can benefit from various features such as the non-custodial wallet, Web 3.0 browser and multi-asset chain support. Download the Blockbank app and start trading $MLT today!
In the act of becoming the First Global Fully Tokenized FinTech Media Company, MILC Platform has launched its own WebGL Metaverse and Web3 Social Community both of which are already live and running. Amazing functionalities and features are being added to these, while new partnerships and users are being invited to experience the products with remarkable potential. This listing is another welcoming step in this direction.

We are looking forward to more listing collaborations in the near future! As always, thank you for your support.


The MILC platform aims to become one of the leading business and entertainment Metaverses. A melting pot, connecting the professional media industry with its fans. Through its own Open Web GL Metaverse and Web3 social community platform, it offers the possibility for all users, for the first time, to interact directly with the media and entertainment industry. In addition, MILC Platform offers a blockchain-based multimedia marketplace for professional content providers to trade licenses for movies, television, streaming, online publishing, music, gaming and art. It provides NFT-supported financing models for media projects as well as extensive small business opportunities for every market participant and user.

The MLT (Media Licensing Token) serves as a medium of exchange, contract signing vehicle and revenue sharing medium across all platforms within the MILC Metaverse.

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