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How to Swap your OK (Okcash) for OK (Wrapped Okcash BSC) [BEP20]

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How to Swap your OK (Okcash) for OK (Wrapped Okcash BSC) [BEP20]


By Okcash

Created 4 months ago, last updated 4 months ago
2 mins read
How to Swap your OK (Okcash) for OK (Wrapped Okcash BSC) [BEP20]

With the new expansion of Okcash into the DEFI space, some users have requested a tutorial on how to swap your Okcash for Wrapped Okcash BSC, so here are the proper steps:

  1. You need to visit the Swap portal:
  2. Click on “Swap [OK] to [OK BEP20]”
3. Fill in how much Okcash [OK] you are going to swap for Wrapped Okcash BSC [OK BEP20], post your Binance Smart Chain address in the “OK BEP20 Address” field (This address is where you will get your [OK] Wrapped Okcash BSC), and click on Swap.

*If you click on “Advanced Options” you will be able to leave your email in case you want a receipt for the swap. (optional)

4. After you click on SWAP, a new window will open with the info for the swap. It will request to send the Okcash to a specific address, and will provide the info on our Swap (how much OK we are doing to swap, to which address).

5. Now you only need to send the Okcash to the requested address. It will take around 3 minutes to recognize your payment, it will mark it as complete and from here you can close that window and just wait for your Wrapped Okcash BSC to reach your wallet.(Always save the OrderID, just in case you need support with your swap)

6. After the Okcash you sent gets 10 confirmations, it will take 2 minutes to do your swap, meaning that after you sent your Okcash, you should get your Wrapped Okcash BSC in your wallet after 10–15 minutes tops.

Now you are ready to use your $OK over the Binance Network, you can add it to the Liquidity Pools to earn trading fees on decentralized exchanges, you can trade it, you can save it on your metamask wallet or your Trustwallet among many other options, our next tutorial will be on “How to integrate $OK into TrustWallet”.

Note: You can also use the same process to Swap from Wrapped Okcash BSC to Okcash, just click the little arrows in the first form and it will swap from OK BEP20 to OK.

Have a good one!

Wrapped Okcash BSC swap bridge:
Swap support server:
OK Community server:


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