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WOWMAX: An indepth review

Table of Contents

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WOWMAX: An indepth review

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WOWMAX: An indepth review

Table of Contents

Since cryptocurrency grew in relevance, the world has seen the birth of several cryptocurrency projects. Each of these projects comes with its unique features and offers something spectacular to the crypto market. One of the most interesting things about the crypto space is tokens which are virtual tradable assets that are built on an existing blockchain. Tokens contribute to the growth and progress of any cryptocurrency project.

Tokens are used for economic and investment purposes. You can earn huge profits by investing in a cryptocurrency token, and you could also lose a great deal of money too. Buying and selling cryptocurrency tokens is simply known as trading. How you know which tokens to invest in depends on how well you know the crypto market, and how skillful you are in recognizing genuine crypto projects. Excellent trading is not just about knowing which token to invest in, it is also about choosing the right exchange to trade on.

WOWMAX is one of the great exchanges you might want to use for Crypto trading activities. What is ever better about this exchange is WOWMAX always provide you more. WOWMAX find the best trade routes across multiple markets, including gas fees, to ensure the best rates.

The best results are being given by WOWMAX!

Read on to find more about WOWMAX.

WOWMAX is a DeFi protocol that solves the problem of optimal DEX aggregation. I will explain: if a user swaps a large amount of coins he or she will move the price of a coin — it’s called “slippage”. The less liquidity is on a DEX and the higher the swap amount, the higher the slippage. Slippage is considered to be a “bad” thing because it means that the trader selling last coins at the lower price than first coins or buys last coins at a higher price that the first coins. So WOWMAX team was researching how to minimise the negative effect of slippage and came up with a solution that allows to extract additional value from slippage.


We were extremely concerned about these problems. For this reason, we developed a fundamentally new exchange mechanism that differs from existing ones. Our main goal is to adapt the exchange mechanism to take profit from arbitrage opportunities arising in the market. We have formed our vision of solving slippage and manipulation problems by developing an innovative exchange mechanism. Our solution is the creation of WOWMAX protocol.


  • WOWMAX is a DEX aggregation and arbitrage protocol that uses slippage as an additional source of optimization• Wowmax protocol brings improvement over key features of Uniswap V2 (which uses multihop features and 1Inch (which uses aggregation features) to route its trade.• Wowmax routing mechanisms splits a large amount among several Dexes to maximize the purchased amount.• It also performs the arbitrage by buying altcoins from pairs with stable coins and selling them to pairs with the token you’re trading.

How it works

When someone buys coin X, its rate goes up and also all the coins traded in pairs with coin X will also go up in rate. However, the same coins paired with USDC/DAI/ USDT and other stablecoins won’t change their price. Extracting arbitrage opportunities using CEV mechanism implies that WOWMAX buys coins from pairs with USDC/DAI/USDT and other stablecoins and sells them to pairs with coin X using multiple exchanges.

Let’s see how is DEX aggregator different from DEXes and What advantages does WOWMAX hold over Uniswap, Curve etc

DEX is a smart contract that has some liquidity in it. Usually liquidity is provided in pairs (BTC/USDT, ETH/USDC, CRV/DAI) etc. This is a classic AMM model. There are other more exotic AMMs like Balancer but we will not focus on them today. So, DEX aggregator is “proxy smart contract” that can split one large transaction into several small parts and send those parts to several DEXes at the same time Because every DEX receives a smaller amount, every DEX has smaller slippage, so the trader gets more coins as a result. This model was pioneered by 1inch and also implemented by 0x and paraswap This approach proved to be very useful because it helps traders to save money. However, we at WOWMAX decided to further improve this approach and added arbitrage mechanism to the aggregation process. If a large transaction divided into several parts, it will generate some slippage anyway, on all DEXes simultaneously so, when a user sells or buys a large amount of ETH, BNB, AVAX the price of those base currencies will move But the important thing that many other popular tokens like CRV, UNI, MANA, BTC are usually traded in pairs to those “base” currencies and at the same time they are traded in pairs with stablecoins such as USDT, USDC, DAI so when the base currency, such as BNB, appreciates, all tokens traded in pairs to BNB, such as for example CAKE token will appreciate automatically.

For example today BNB costs around $300 per 1 BNB and lets suppose cake token worth around $4 today it means that if a DEX has a pair BNB/CAKE than for every BNB there should be 75 CAKEs because the value of BNB should be equal to the value of CAKE in the same pair $300 = $4 * 75 Imagine that BNB goes up to $400.What happens to CAKE token in that pair? It’s still 75 CAKE tokens per 1 BNB, so the cake token becomes $5.33 because if you want to buy CAKE from that pair you need to send BNB, which is more expensive now However, if on the same or another DEX we have another pair CAKE/USDC, then in that pair the price of CAKE did not move because the quantity of tokens did not change and the price of USDC is still $1 So I can send some USDC to the pair USDC/CAKE and buy $4-dollar CAKE token, and then send this CAKE to the pair CAKE/ BNB and get expensive BNB this is arbitrage: in one pair CAKE is worth $5.33 and in another pair $4.

This is exactly what WOWMAX is doing: if you swap large amounts of base currencies, it takes into account the slippage and moves many altcoins from pairs with stablecoins to the pairs with “base” currencies and vice-versa. No one did this before and this how we are different from other DEX aggregators.


The protocol is actually expected to go live this month. The exact launching date will be announced very soon.

The roadmap is as follows:

First we will launch on Ethereum and BNB for our launch and then we will roll out other chains. First the chains that WOWswap supports and we have more partners coming in like BOBA network KAVA and others. The final goal is that within a few months we get a decent market share and we get the audit of this protocol and we want to get our protocol into metamask (MM) because MM users generate a lot of transactions and they use Uniswap exchange to swap tokens. While not many people know that metamask uses one inch and zero aggregation mechanism to give traders the tokens and metamask adds additional commission on top of that. So if WOWmax gives more tokens then basically metamask would also be interested in working with us and frankly speaking this is going to be a very big milestone.

Token Distribution


investment offer

So, you can see what benefits you can get by investing in WOWMAX.

At the moment, token sale of $DEFI is launched on the project website!

Public sale | Wowmax

200K $DEFI allocated for Apes NFT holders Bored Ape Yacht Club ($BAYC) We will choose only one from the pool, and…

And contracts are signed with popular centralized exchanges to list DEFI token at the end of September 2022.

Centralized exchanges listings are confirmed with Bitrue ( #19 ) , Digifinex ( #20 ), WhiteBIT ( #24 ), ( #58 ) and Dex-trade ( #33 ) is pending and WOWMAX has also applied for listings at Gate ( #6 ) and Bitfinex ( #7 ). All ranks are decided as per CoinGecko.

The great thing is

🔊 WOWmax launches the first ever tokensale smart contract that accepts #NFTs!

🦍 We have good news if you are a BoredApeYC or a DApeWives holder. We will be accepting 1 $BAYC and 200 $DAW NFTs in our token sale for $DEFI.

🏞 This marks a new beginning which will bridge the divide between #DeFi and #NFT. $DEFI ecosystem projects will now be able to fundraise from NFT communities and accept digital art as a form of investment.

There is also a special offer for WOW and 1inch token holders! You can exchange your tokens for DEFI at 1 to 1. 1Inch token costs 120 times more.

You can join WOWMAX at this stage and get a decent profit however it is required to do KYC in order to participate in the token sale.

$DEFI will be listed at 3$

WOWMAX Website

Get started on your WOWMAX journey by visiting the WOWMAX website here.

WOWMAX Telegram

Join a multitude of other WOWMAX lovers in learning about the projects and staying ahead with the latest updates. Click here to join.

WOWMAX Twitter

WOWMAX’s Twitter Where can you get the best straight-to-the-point updates if not Twitter? Join WOWMAX’s Twitter community here.


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