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Metaegg DeFi Wallet on Google Play Store

Table of Contents

DeFi / NFTs / Announcements

Metaegg DeFi Wallet on Google Play Store


By Metaegg

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Metaegg DeFi Wallet on Google Play Store

Table of Contents

DeFi wallet engineered to serve the needs of certain people. If you're looking for a plain way to store Bitcoin or some crypto this app might not be for you.

This wallet app is purposely built as a decentralized asset management tool for cryptocurrencies that are immune to inflation, confiscation, or censorship. It packs features designed to onboard investment-oriented individuals into a crypto ecosystem without headaches.

Metaegg DeFi built with following in mind:-

Capital Should Be Free >> It’s built to provide users with genuinely independent control over their capital.

- Capital Should Be Borderless >> It works outside the traditional finance layer and acts as a Swiss knife to the world of decentralized finances (DeFi).

- Capital Should Be Private >> It doesn’t leak private data, has no means to track users and takes extra measures to ensure privacy on multiple layers.

If the above rhymes well with you then Metaegg DeFi is for you! And we are here to focus on your unique needs and serve you in the best possible manner.


Non-Custodial Multi-wallet >> Manage any number of cryptocurrencies across multiple portfolio style wallets in a non-custodial manner. This wallet is like your own bank where you are the only client and the only one in charge. It’s designed to keep assets secure and easy to restore even if the phone is stolen and tampered with.

- Investment Oriented Wallet >> Metaegg DeFi brings unmatched cryptocurrency market analytics to your device: advanced sorting, curated categorization, extensive filtering, and event-based alerting features.

- A Bitcoin Wallet >> The wallet packs some of the most advanced Bitcoin features available: SPV enabled, BIP 44/49/84/69 compliant, Bitcoin timelocks, custom transaction fees, and more.

- A DeFi Wallet >> Full support for decentralized erc20 and bep20 token swaps via decentralized protocols i.e. 1inch. Plus, the ability to interact with any DeFi service over the WalletConnect protocol.

- Ethereum Wallet >> Full support for Ethereum blockchain, its growing ecosystem of tokens (ERC20, NFT tokens, etc.), and other decentralized services such like ENS (Ethereum Name Service).

- Binance Wallet >> Full support for original Binance Chain (incl. BEP2) and Binance Smart Chain.

- Crypto Academy >> The app includes two courses that are meant to onboard newcomers into the world of cryptocurrencies and DeFi ecosystem in an easy-to-digest manner covering essential aspects of cryptocurrency security, storage, privacy, transacting and exchanging.

- Wallet for Privacy Coins >> Fully supports major privacy coins (ZCash, DASH) in an SPV manner. One of the very few wallets capable of supporting fully shielded Zcash transactions.

- Decentralized Wallet >> Designed to work with most major blockchains in a decentralized manner where an app doesn't depend on some server of a wallet provider to send/receive transactions but interacts with blockchain networks directly.

- Privacy Focused >> Designed to allow for privacy even in the most privacy breaching scenarios. There are no user accounts keeping your records, no identity checks that risk exposing your financials to the world, and no interaction with traditional finance layers. The app is partially TOR enabled and VPN support coming soon.

Be Decentralised!

To stay tuned on the $MDEFI token and the latest news and developments surrounding the project, check out the resources below:


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