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Clash of Moland BETA TEST Announcement

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Clash of Moland BETA TEST Announcement



7 months ago
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Clash of Moland BETA TEST Announcement

Dear MOBOXers,

Clash of Moland Beta test will START on September 8, 2022, at 03:00 UTC and will end on September 21, 2022, at 3:00 UTC.

All users can click on the "Clash of Moland" section on the homepage or log in via the MOBOX APP to participate In the Clash of Moland Beta Test.

The alpha test will close on September 7, 2022, at 3:00 UTC and the servers will be shut down.

About the BETA TEST

1. The Beta test will require REAL MBOX and MEC in your BOX wallet. All MBOX and MEC spent on the Beta test will be fully refunded after the Beta test has concluded.

2. During the Beta test, the MBOX rewards will be temporarily adjusted to 0.01%.

3. During the Beta test, The MAX amount of MBOX in the season reward pool will be 3000. The total leaderboard reward for the Beta test is 60,000 MEC.

4. There are 3 Leaderboards, Prosperity, Prestige, and Arena. The top 300 users on each leaderboard will get rewards.

5. There may be frequent updates and data adjustments during the test.

6. The Beta test version and the official version may be different.

Clash of Moland Beta Test Adjustment Preview


  1. A new building named the Medical Center has been added. The seriously injured soldiers can be treated here for a quick recovery.
  2. Added more MOMO display space.
  3. Adjusted the resources required for building upgrades and Master Blueprint.


  1. Instances have been removed and more No Lord City have been added.
  2. The terrain of the World has been adjusted so that players can rely on the terrain to defend against enemies.
  3. City Buff has been added to the No Lord City. When an alliance conquers a No Lord City, all members will gain a City Buff and increase their power.
  4. Added the search function in the World.
  5. Resource Collection no longer yields chests; treasure maps can be obtained when collecting resources.
  6. Orc Marauders: decreased difficulty, increased EXP, and rewards include treasure maps.


  1. Redesigned the skills of all heroes.
  2. Adjusted hero level cap to 30, easier to level up heroes to full level.
  3. Rare, Epic, and Legendary heroes added [Leader] unique skill: after a hero is promoted, the skill levels will be upgraded automatically, which can increase the hero's troop capacity, damage, and reduce the damage taken by the hero.


  1. Remove faction restrictions, players can join any alliance.
  2. Added a number of alliance technologies, players can donate to upgrade alliance technologies to increase their power.


1. Add treasure hunting gameplay, players can use the treasure map to get chests.


New limited-time events: "Harvest Time", "Battle Cry" and "Siege of the City".

  1. Harvest Time: During the event period, you can get double rewards for collecting resources.
  2. Battle Cry: During the event period, you can get double rewards for battles with Orc Marauders.
  3. Siege of the City: During the event period, multiple No Lord Cities will be set as targets. At the end of the event, all members of the alliance who conquered the target city will receive the event rewards.


  1. All players will receive 24 hours “new player protection” when entering the Clash of Moland game. During this period, players will not engage in PVP battles with other players.
  2. Increase the upper limit of Tactical Points and the recovery speed. You need to consume Tactical Points to conquer territories, attack cities and other actions.
  3. In PVP battle, some dead soldiers are converted to seriously injured and enter the Medical Center to wait for treatment.
  4. Significantly reduced the EXP rewards in PVP battle.
  5. Significantly reduced the EXP rewards in territorial battles.
  6. Adjusted the difficulty of the Arena.
  7. Adjusted all items in shops.


September 6, 2022


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