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TON Blockchain Wallet Update - TON Hold Wallet

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Announcements / NFTs

TON Blockchain Wallet Update - TON Hold Wallet


By Tegro

7 months ago
2 mins read
TON Blockchain Wallet Update - TON Hold Wallet

Extension & TON-services

The Tonhold browser extension and mobile in-app browser are both designed to interact with web applications. For mobile apps, we recommend integrating via universal links or deeplinks. There are two main ways to integrate Tonhold into your web application, Github Tonhold.

In-app Browser (Web Apps)

When a web application is connected to Tonhold, it can also request that the user signs a given message. The next update will support TON DNS, TON Proxy and TON sites. More info is available on Gitbook Tonhold.

Applications are free to write their own messages which will be displayed to users from within Tonhold’s signature prompt. Message signatures do not involve network fees and are a convenient way for apps to verify ownership of an address.

Direct Integration & dApp

The most direct way to interact with Tonhold is via the provider that Tonhold injects into your web application. This provider is globally available and its methods will always include Tonhold most up-to-date functionality. This documentation is dedicated to covering all aspects of the provider. An implementation example is in the Telegram Web app bot.

TON Auth Wallet Connect

Another quick and easy way to get up and running with Tonhold is via the TON Wallet connection package. The wallet adapter is a set of modular components that allow developers to easily integrate multiple TON wallets into their applications.

This package includes starter files, setup and usage instructions, and a live demo showcasing multiple UI frameworks. At the moment TON Auth is in development. The integration will be available for all sites, including Web 2.0 sites such as Tegro.Money or Telegram Z.


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