Kyle Samani

Kyle Samani

Managing Partner, Multicoin Capital

Kyle Samani是谁?

Kyle Samani is a Co-Founder and currently the Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital, a thesis-driven investment firm that invests exclusively in the crypto ecosystem. Multicoin Capital manages more than $100M across two funds - a hedge fund that invests in public markets and a venture fund that invests in private markets. The funds' LPs include university endowments, fund of funds, world class-technology investors, storied venture capital funds, and family offices, well-known investors include a16z and founding PayPal COO David Sacks. Samani states that crypto makes software "real" in a way that was never impossible before: by encoding economic incentives into software that are universally transparent and globally enforced, crypto makes it possible to facilitate large-scale human coordination in ways that was never possible before. Prior to launching Multicoin, Samani Co-Founded Pristine, an enterprise software company that enables desk-less workers with solutions for smart glasses. During his tenure as CEO, the firm grew to millions in revenue and raised over $5 million in venture capital before being acquired by Upskill in 2017.


On finding investment target: “So it's always about the team. Can they stick together? Will they weather through the — will they keep fighting for survival? And then once that's — once it's clear that hurdle, okay, what problem is this team trying to solve? And do I believe they have the background and the technical expertise to go and do it? And often I find that they have the passion, but not the technical expertise.” (As reported by Cointelegraph)

Picture source: Twitter Profile