Fred Ehrsam

Fred Ehrsam

Co-Founder at Paradigm

Fred Ehrsam是谁?

Ehrsam started his professional career as a foreign exchange trader at Goldman Sachs. Since he purchased his first Bitcoin in 2011, Ehrsam has been an angel investor in some of the space’s most formative companies. Ehrsam is the co-founder of crypto exchange Coinbase and the blockchain-focused venture capital firm Paradigm. In 2017, he left Coinbase to pursue other crypto related ventures, while continuing to hold a position on the board of directors. In 2018, he co-founded Paradigm with Matt Huang, formerly from Sequoia Capital, and Charles Noyes, from Pantera Capital.

Paradigm’s goal is to invest and help early stage cryptocurrency, blockchain and exchange companies and projects. Paradigm raised $400 million at launch in 2018 and invested strategically in the blockchain space, including tBTC Network, a protocol for tokenizing BTC on Ethereum; Tendermint Inc., the core development team behind interoperable blockchain project Cosmos; and Uniswap, the popular Ethereum token swap protocol. Most recently Fred has joined the board of directors at crypto security firm Fireblocks after Paradigm led a $30 million raise in Series B funding for them in November, 2020.


“While it may seem scarier in the earlier days, I think ultimately the blockchain creates a safer world.”

Picture source: Coinbase