CoinMarketCap Daily, July 14: A Big Move Brewing for Bitcoin?
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CoinMarketCap Daily, July 14: A Big Move Brewing for Bitcoin?

1 year ago

REvil appears to have vanished — and the CEO of BlackRock has said he is seeing little demand for crypto.

CoinMarketCap Daily, July 14: A Big Move Brewing for Bitcoin?


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'The Calm Before the Storm' ⛈

Bitcoin's loooong holding period might be about to end. Glassnode has described the past week's market activity as "the calm before the storm." Meanwhile, Katie Stockton of Fairlead Strategies believes a breakout is now "more likely" than a breakdown. She says continual daily closes above $35,500 would allow BTC to advance to $44,000. The latest.

REvil Hackers 'Vanish' 😱

The REvil group appears to have vanished from the dark web — a couple of weeks after staging one of the biggest ransomware attacks in history. Unfortunately, this could be bad news for victims who are currently battling to get their systems back online. Reports suggest they have been left in the lurch and are now struggling to continue negotiations. Here's our story.

NFTs Come with a Dilemma 😬

A new NFT project by the renowned British artist Damien Hirst comes with a painstaking dilemma for those who make a purchase. He has created 10,000 paintings, each one with their own individual traits and unique NFT. However, owners have to make a choice: If they keep the NFT, the artwork it's associated with will be destroyed forever. What would you do?

'Little Demand' for Crypto 💔

The CEO of BlackRock has said that he is seeing little demand for digital assets. Speaking to CNBC, Larry Fink said he has received "not one question" about Bitcoin over the past two weeks — indicating long-term investors are interested in other things. Likewise, he added that attention is also falling away from "meme stocks" such as GameStop. Have a listen.
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