CoinMarketCap Daily, Aug. 4: Buy NBA Top Shots, Right at NBA Games?!
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CoinMarketCap Daily, Aug. 4: Buy NBA Top Shots, Right at NBA Games?!

1 year ago

Today, Google loosens their crypto ad ban, while the SEC chair thinks that cryptos are securities (for the most part).

CoinMarketCap Daily, Aug. 4: Buy NBA Top Shots, Right at NBA Games?!


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SEC Chair Says All Cryptocurrencies Are Securities 😱

New SEC Chairman Gary Gensler, who joined the agency after a stint teaching crypto at MIT, disappointed insiders who hoped he would take a softer line than his predecessor. Saying every ICO he’d seen was a security sale, Gensler warned that all exchanges — including foriegn and DeFi — must register as securities sellers. Read it and weep here.

Google Loosens Crypto Ad Ban ⚓

Google is now allowing cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets to advertise. With almost 30% of the U.S. digital advertising market locked up, Google’s ban on crypto ads has been an anchor on the industry. Advertisers must register with the U.S. regulator FinCEN. Ads for ICOs, DeFi, crypto loans, and celebrity shills are banned, as is buying advice. Get the details here.

NBA Top Shots Selling Exclusive NFTs at Games 🏀

A new version of the top-selling NFTs, NBA Top Shots video clips, will now be available exclusively to fans at arenas. These Fandom Tier NFTs will feature a minted-on-the-spot Moment in numbers based on in-arena demand rather than a pre-set limit. The first three will be available at NBA Summer League games played in Las Vegas. Bounce here for more.

No. 2 Stablecoin USDC Announces Human-Readable Addresses 🪙

Unstoppable Domains has announced a partnership with stablecoin-maker Circle to produce USD Coins with human-readable addresses. The new “readable” USDC tokens are more user-friendly than long strings of letters and numbers. So the new “blank.coin” formatted addresses should “take the fear and risk out of spending crypto.” Get the scoop here.
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