CMC Daily, Oct. 12: Are Bitcoiners Being Silenced?
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CMC Daily, Oct. 12: Are Bitcoiners Being Silenced?

1 year ago

Plus, the boss of America's biggest bank admits his clients don't agree with him that Bitcoin is worthless — and why the era of big moves in the Bitcoin markets could be over.

CMC Daily, Oct. 12: Are Bitcoiners Being Silenced?


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YouTube Accused of Censorship ❌

Anthony Pompliano's account was taken down by YouTube yesterday — only to be reinstated hours later. The Bitcoin bull, who has 256,000 subscribers, accused the video-sharing site of censorship. An interview featuring PlanB, the creator of the stock-to-flow model, was accused of featuring harmful and dangerous content. Why Bitcoiners fear they're being silenced.

Jamie Dimon's Bitcoin Admission 😬

JPMorgan Chase CEO has once again said that he believes Bitcoin is worthless — but something was a little different this time. He admitted: "Our clients are adults, they disagree, that's what makes markets." America's largest bank began allowing its wealth management clients to access crypto funds over the summer. Here's what he said.

Are Halvings Becoming Less Important? 👀

The era of huge bear and bull markets in Bitcoin is ending, according to Pantera Capital's Dan Morehead. In a note to investors, he also said "each subsequent halving's impact on price will likely taper off in importance." While BTC may not appreciate as dramatically in future, he added that "future bear markets will be shallower too." Are we in a new era for Bitcoin?

FTX Launches NFT Marketplace on Solana 💪

Sam Bankman-Fried's FTX U.S. cryptocurrency exchange has launched a new marketplace for NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Executives say that while non-fungible tokens have started to infiltrate pop culture, a platform is needed "that provides easy access and exposure to the mainstream audience." The service will only be available for U.S. customers. Our article.

Top U.K. Politician Joins Crypto Trading Firm 🇬🇧

Philip Hammond has become a senior adviser to a British company offering crypto custody and trading — two years after his departure as the U.K.'s chancellor. Lord Hammond's role at Copper will see him "promote the U.K. as a global leader in digital asset technology." However, he has gotten into trouble for lobbying using government contacts before. Read more.

Delay for Crypto Taxes in South Korea?! 🚨

South Korea's opposition party wants changes to the government's incoming crypto taxation policy. A new bill would delay the introduction of capital gains taxes by one year — and dramatically raise the level when those taxes kick in. That would mean investors would only pay on gains above $42,000, rather than the current proposal of $2,100. Here are the numbers.
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