Hoverboard NFTs in the Metaverse; Jadu Collaborates with Snoop Dogg, Grimes and Lewis Hamilton
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Hoverboard NFTs in the Metaverse; Jadu Collaborates with Snoop Dogg, Grimes and Lewis Hamilton

11 months ago

Learn more about "The Mirrorverse," which aims to bring in-game transportation NFTs like hoverboards to popular NFT avatars such as Meebits, VOIDs and CyberKongz, to navigate the metaverse.

Hoverboard NFTs in the Metaverse; Jadu Collaborates with Snoop Dogg, Grimes and Lewis Hamilton

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Jadu, a software company founded in 2001 that started out with holographic technology, recently revealed its interest in the making of a game world based on augmented reality (AR).

This online game metaverse, which Jadu aims to name “The Mirrorverse,” is expected to be released to the public next year. The Mirrorverse will have 3D avatars that will interact with the real world, including navigation and transportation, for which Jadu is releasing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of these in-game items.

Last week, Jadu announced that their collection of in-game hoverboard NFTs would be going live for sale on December 12, 2021, for 0.222 ETH (a little less than $1000) each. This collection features many noteworthy partnerships including but not limited to Snoop Dogg, Grimes and Lewis Hamilton.

NFTs in Gaming

Each of the NFTs created for a game has monetary worth in the gaming world, but it also has monetary value as an item for trade. This is especially true when NFTs are produced in partnership with well-known artists or celebrities. Since NFTs are made for the digital world, their worth is multiplied if someone well-known online favorably vets an NFT.

The Mirrorverse revolves around 3D avatars, such as Meebits, which gamers can bring in the game. In order to have in-game mobility to navigate a 3D space with their avatar, gamers need 3D transportation that the game supports.

This is where Jadu's collections come in. These transportation items can be bought as NFTs produced by Jadu. Launched in September 2021, Jadu's initial collection of 1,111 Jetpacks was completely sold out within a matter of seconds. Within the secondary trading market, these Jetpacks reportedly generated $9 million, with the priciest Jetpack being sold for a whopping $400,000.
Jadu Hoverboards, similar to Jetpacks, will function with more than 40,000 avatars — including famous ones like Meebits, VOIDs, CyberKongz, DeadFellaz, Chibi Apes and FLUFs, bringing avatar accessories to greater heights. Hoverboard NFTs will allow gamers to go to areas from the real world, and discover more NFTs within the game.

How the Artists Come Into Play

As with any other item used or endorsed by a celebrity, the creators inevitably generate exclusivity and demand within followers when developing their unique hoverboards. Jadu aims to create 5,555 hoverboards with Snoop Dogg, Grimes, Lewis Hamilton, Mimi Onuoha and Trippy.

A board built by celebrities like Snoop Dogg or Grimes, or a sportsman such as Lewis Hamilton would automatically have a particular attraction and artistic flair which is vital for people portraying themselves individually and in a personalized way while being in a social AR setting. Furthermore, different NFTs will have varying features and statistics, which will affect how the game is played.

Grimes is quite familiar with NFTs, having earned about $6 million from selling digital art as NFTs. Snoop Dogg himself is also heavily involved with gaming in the Metaverse, having worked closely with Sandbox, and is now working with Jadu. Although this will be one of Lewis Hamilton's first activities in the metaverse, he is quite a fervent supporter of STEM, and arts & design.

Mimi Onuoha, a visual artist who is a Nigerian-American researcher, works within the field of technology and data collecting and focuses on the social impact of it. Her collaborating with Jadu to create NFTs will provide a good academic perspective to a concept often left on its own. Trippy, an NFT curator, operates one of the world's biggest psychedelic art communities. He has also worked with Jadu in the past on Jetpacks listed as ultra-rare, which are today being sold for beyond $50,000, showing the impact he has on the value of an NFT.

The Future of Jadu and NFTs in Gaming

The CEO of Jadu, Asad J. Malik, wants to build an AR that is not only accessible but also affordable, and his vision for the Mirrorverse makes sense. With NFTs, Malik gives gamers control over how much they spend and how they spend it while gaming and owing to the fluctuating price of ETH, gamers can find prime times to buy NFTs as they wish. However, Jadu’s NFTs seem to be selling out within seconds, so users may want to be as quick as possible!

For other creators like Malik, as well as artists who collaborate with these entrepreneurs, a bright future awaits them. NFTs have just begun to grow popular, and given the rate at which the world is digitizing, it's no wonder that NFTs are all the rage.

Within the gaming industry, NFTs are exceptionally important. Not only do they add an extra overlay of exclusivity, but they are also arguably the best unique and personalized item one can own in the new digital sphere.

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