CoinMarketCap Daily, Nov. 4: Coinbase Goes No Fees?
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CoinMarketCap Daily, Nov. 4: Coinbase Goes No Fees?

7 months ago

A subscription program would allows Coinbase users to pay no fees, while giving them perks like premium phone support. Plus, a SHIB whale on the movie, and Pulp Fiction gets NFTs.

CoinMarketCap Daily, Nov. 4: Coinbase Goes No Fees?

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Why Is Everyone Flooding Times Square With NFTs?

I woke up to my Twitter timeline this morning full of videos of New York City’s Time Square billboards showcasing NFT art. 
At first, I thought they were faked (especially because the Shiba Inu Time Square ad from this week seems to have been the work of a graphic design freelancer), but it turns out that they are indeed real. 
Remember Cozomo de’ Medici (the NFT Twitter collector who may or may not be Snoop Dogg)? He apparently tweeted to the world last week that a Times Square billboard “Medici Collection” takeover was coming...and now it has arrived.
Times Square has been an epic advertising epicenter since the 1870s, when (obviously non-electronic) ads were placed around the then-carriage sale sector. The first electronic ad came then in 1904 — and the ads just kept coming and multiplying until it became the Times Square that we know today.

It seems only natural that the original Times Square billboards for carriages and cigarettes (remember the smoking Camel?) are now being replaced with some NFTs — a Times Square billboard is a way to shout your product into the center of New York City, and NFTs are definitely something to shout about.

Coinbase Considering No Commission Fee Subscription Plan 💸

Crypto exchange Coinbase is trying to figure out a way to revolutionize their revenue. Instead of relying on commission fees for Bitcoin trades, they have a new idea — what if they got rid of commission fees (leaving spread fees), and offered a subscription plan with premium phone support and $1 million in funds protection? Right now, the program is still just in the ideation stage, but a statement from Coinbase notes that “everything about the future product experience will be shaped by the feedback we receive from our users.” Read more here.

SHIBA INU Whale Awakens 🐳

A wallet holding more than $2 billion in SHIB has come to life — and has been sending their SHIB around. This wallet (which purchased $8,000 worth of SHIB in 2020) was considered dormant until yesterday, when the owner sent this massive amount of SHIB to four other wallets. While this is not a sale, it’s caused some investors to note that a sale this big has the potential to seriously affect SHIB’s price. Our story.

Quentin Tarantino Brings NFTs to Pulp Fiction 📚

That’s right — the Pulp Fiction director has embraced the NFT art marketplace, auctioning off seven uncut scenes from Pulp Fiction, as well as original handwritten scripts and audio clips. However, unlike the common trope of “if an NFT is a JPEG, can’t I just download it to my computer?” these NFTs will be built on the Secret Network — which prevents anyone but the NFT owner from view these NFTs. Read on here.

Coinbase Whale Dumps BTC to $60K, Immediately Regrets IT 😮

Yesterday afternoon at exactly 6PM UTC, an unknown whale on Coinbase executed a large market sell order, temporarily sending the price of Bitcoin (BTC) tumbling to $60,000 in a flash crash. Scam wicks can be used to instigate a change in momentum, sending the price tumbling or soaring as stop sell or buy orders (respectively) are triggered, adding further fuel to the candle. Get the full story here.

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