What’s the Cost of Being Vincent Van Dough?: Flipside Crypto

What’s the Cost of Being Vincent Van Dough?: Flipside Crypto

9 months ago

Flipside Crypto breaks down this NFT collector's wild collection of NFTs (penguins, Pepes and much, much more).

What’s the Cost of Being Vincent Van Dough?: Flipside Crypto


Who Is Vincent Van Dough?

Vincent Van Dough is a prominent figure in the NFT space known for spending egregious amounts of internet money on outlandish pieces such as photorealistic versions of Pepe the Frog.
You may recognize the name Vincent Van Dough for having membership in TungstenDAO, a DAO which infamously purchased a solid 2,000 pound cube of tungsten for a quarter million dollars worth of Ethereum (ETH) on Nov. 1 of this year. TungstenDAO mints meme NFTs which regularly feature a tungsten cube and are sold for several ETH, some of which Vincent currently owns.
Let’s take a dive into the purchasing history of Vincent Van Dough. Using data provided by Flipside, we can track how much Vincent has been spending on an extensive collection of NFTs.

Van Dough Has Spent $41 Million So Far on NFTs

As of Nov. 1 2021, Vincent has spent a whopping 8,623.3 ETH on an NFT collection, amounting to the approximate equivalent of 41 million USD at the time of writing.

When accounting for the value of ETH at the time of each purchase, however, the total USD spent comes out to approximately 23.47 million USD, which is approximately 57.2% of the total equivalent in today’s value.

Van Dough Has Sold Only $1.7 Million in NFTs

Now for the NFT savvy readers, you might be thinking that just because Vincent Van Dough purchased all these NFTs doesn’t mean he actually held on to them — he could have sold a whole bunch of them! While this is possible, it turns out Vincent doesn’t sell very often. Their earliest sale was on Aug. 13 of this year for .5 ETH, with all subsequent sales occurring in the same month.

The total amount earned from sales adds up to only 372.68 ETH, which represents approximately 4.2% of the 8,886.75 ETH spent on purchases.

It Would Cost You 38 Million Dollars to Be Vincent Van Dough

The total gas Vincent has spent is already ridiculously high, but how much of the gas used by Vincent was used for NFT purchases? Still a pretty impressive amount.

As of the time of writing, the total amount of ETH spent as gas was approximately 26.4, which is equivalent to approximately 121,440 USD today. When accounting for the price of ETH at the time of each fee paid, the value in USD is only 84,080.

Overall gas spent on NFT purchases accounts for approximately 18.4% of all the gas Vincent has used thus far, with total gas spent equating to roughly 660,000 USD in equivalent value today.

Vincent spent approximately 142.229 ETH on gas. Right now that’s $660,920. They used 1,435.636 million gas to send 6.357 transactions, with an average price of 90.3 gwei. 89 of them failed, costing them 5.432.

So what’s the damage? If we add up the total ETH spent on purchases (8,623.3 ETH), plus the gas used (26.4 ETH), minus the ETH gained from sales (372.68 ETH), the total comes out to about 8,277.02 ETH or $38,074,292 USD in equivalent value today. It would cost you 38 million dollars to be Vincent Van Dough.

Two Penguins and a Pepe

The most Vincent Van Dough ever spent on an NFT transaction was 420 ETH which, at the time of purchase on Aug. 14, 2021, was worth 1,366,570.32 USD. The pieces purchased were two penguins and a PEG with Pepe the frog on it.
The most Vincent Van Dough ever spent on a single NFT was 320 ETH which, at the time of purchase on Aug/ 14, 2021, was worth 1,051,886.77 USD. The piece purchased was an Art Block NFT.
The most Vincent Van Dough ever sold a piece for was 230 ETH, also on Aug. 14, 2021. At this time 230 ETH was worth 756,663.73 USD. The NFT was another Art Block piece.





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