CoinMarketCap Daily, Sept. 30: Ripple Making Waves in NFT Markets
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CoinMarketCap Daily, Sept. 30: Ripple Making Waves in NFT Markets

With Ripple putting in $250 million for bringing NFTs to XRP, what else is the rest of the crypto world up to?

CoinMarketCap Daily, Sept. 30: Ripple Making Waves in NFT Markets


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Molly’s Musings 👩‍💻

Do You Too Yearn for the Blue Checkmark?

Yesterday, Twitter gave a sneak peek of what their new NFT verification policy could look like. 

Instead of just anyone with a Twitter account and the ability to copy-paste being able to change their profile pic to an NFT, in the somewhat near future, your Twitter profile pic of a CryptoPunk will show a blue checkmark if you are the true owner of the NFT.

How is that possible? By connecting Twitter to your crypto wallet on OpenSea, of course. Nothing too complicated here.

This for me is one of the first, public use cases for why actually owning an NFT means something — this future blue NFT checkmark is one way to respond to those NFT doubters who love to say “eh, can’t anyone just copy-paste a JPEG?”

Yes, anyone can copy-paste a JPEG, but not everyone can have a blue checkmark!

And in the crypto industry especially, a blue checkmark is clout, owning an NFT is clout, and it’s all connected to building up your online identity in this very digital, meme-y, completely online technological space. 

People often debate whether cryptocurrencies are real currencies. In this case, I’d say that NFTs (which are tokens after all, if you think about it) are indeed a currency — a social currency. And that’s a use case that the millions of people on crypto Twitter will stand behind.

Bitcoin! 😊 Altcoins! 😺

Bank of England Takes Top Crypto Execs As CBDC Advisors 💷

The Bank of England has summoned top-tier cryptocurrency experts from companies including PayPal, ConsenSys, and the WEF to advise it on creating a central bank digital currency. Movement on a digital pound sterling is behind many other leading economies, including China, the EU, and even the late-to-the-game U.S. Read more here.

El Salvador Takes ‘First Steps’ to Mining Bitcoin With Volcanoes 🌋

Yes, El Salvador’s volcanic-crypto mining plans are real — the president announced in a Twitter video this week that geothermal energy is starting to be used to mine Bitcoin.

Visa Unveils 'Layer 2' Network for Stablecoins, Central Bank Currencies 💳

Visa plans to create a “universal payments channel” that will allow for transactions between stablecoins and future central bank digital currencies. With this new platform, you will be able to pay for something with a credit card in one country, while using funds from an account in a different country.

First Cryptocurrency Fund Approved in Switzerland 🇨🇭

The Swiss financial authority has officially approved the Crypto Market Index Fund as the “first crypto fund according to Swiss law.” This fund is a measure of the performance of the largest crypto assets to show a benchmark for the crypto asset class.

Altair Network Won the Ninth Parachain Auction 🪂

Altair, which is part of infrastructure built by Centrifuge, aims to finance real-world assets on the Centrifuge chain.

Algorand Launches Virtual Machine to Increase Smart Contract Capabilities 🧠

The Algorand Virtual Machine is a layer-1 protocol that aims to make DApps more scalable. 

NFTs Galore 👾

DC Comics Is Giving Away Potentially Millions of Free Ethereum NFTs 🎮

DC will be working with Palm NFT Studio in order to create a new NFT collection that will coincide with the DC FanDom streaming event in October. If you register for the event, you will get a free NFT of a DC character like Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Harley Quinn or the Green Lantern.

DeFi Never Sleeps 💫

Compound Bug Leaves $80 Million in COMP at Risk of Being Misrewarded 🐛

The DeFi platform may be experiencing a bug that is allowing some users to claim very large amounts of tokens: this problem began occurring after Compound made changes to the platform (Proposal 062).

DeFi Hungry Institutional Investors Make Europe Top Crypto Market 🇪🇺

The Central, Northern, and Western Europe region is now the world’s largest cryptocurrency market, receiving more than $1 trillion in digital assets in the past 12 months, according to blockchain intelligence firm Chainalysis. Big institutional investors are the engine and DeFi is the fuel driving Europe’s run to No. 1. Read more here.

Pawn Your CryptoPunk: A New NFT DeFi Lending Market Blooms 🖼️

The new DeFi lending platform noted that it has processed over $12 million in volume over the past year, with the average loan size of $26,000 per month.

How Much Can You Play-to-Earn? 🎲

Genopets Introduces Move-to-Earn on Solana Network 🏃‍♂️

Genopets will give rewards when you move around in the real world, letting you earn crypto while promoting an active lifestyle — the platform has no ETA for launch at this time, but it will be built on the Solana Network.

No More FUD…😟

CFTC Charges 14 Firms As It Cracks Down On Crypto 😠

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has charged 12 cryptocurrency futures firms with failing to register, and two more for falsely claiming to be registered. The latest crackdown comes as both the CFTC and the Securities and Exchange Commission elbow for a share of the crypto regulatory pie. See what’s happening.

Kraken Reveals Vulnerabilities in ‘Commonly Used’ Bitcoin ATMs 🏧

Kraken’s cybersecurity arm has released a blog post going over all of the possible security concerns and ways to compromise Bitcoin ATMs (hint: there are a lot!).

Who Got the Money? 🤑

Ripple Invests $250M to Bring NFT Creators to XRP Ledger 💰

Cross-border payment firm Ripple is expanding into NFTs with an aggressive push to make the XRP Ledger a premiere destination for creators and marketplaces catering to the booming crypto segment. Ripple’s goal is also to expand the use of non-fungible tokens beyond the art and collectables market. See the story.

Crypto Treasury Management Platform Coinshift Raises $2.5 Million in Seed Funding 💸

The investors in this funding round include Sequoia Capital India, Weekend Fund (founded by Product Hunt founder Ryan Hoover) and ConsenSys Mesh. Coinshift (formerly MultiSafe) plans to expand both its team and platform with the funding.
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