New Career Alert; NFT Photographer
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New Career Alert; NFT Photographer

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Interested in a career switch, or want to take your passion in photography to the next level? How about a career as a NFT photographer?

New Career Alert; NFT Photographer


The metaverse is a digital world that allows users to create and transact in digital commodities. One such digital commodity, rising at quicksilver speed to popularity, are non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are unique digital assets bought and sold on the blockchain. NFTs reached out to the digital art world and thus, the most popular NFTs today are the JPEGs of digital art created by real life artists.
This led to the creation of metaverse art galleries where the digital art NFTs are auctioned off. Cryptovoxels, for example, is home to numerous art galleries on the metaverse. Users can build their own art galleries by buying stores. Through the incorporation of NFTs within the metaverse, digital art is now being exhibited in virtual auctions, creating many exciting opportunities for artists.

Photographs as NFTs

For a long time, photographers have been able to make money by selling their photographs as stock images on websites, such as ShutterStock and Unsplash. That or magazines, calendar issues and book covers have been a way for photographers to earn a living. However, photographers can now have a different revenue steam due to NFT photography.

Photographers can put their pieces up as NFTs, and sell them in virtual metaverse auctions. Photographs as NFTs will create many opportunities and jobs for people in the field of photography. And it is not an implausible concept as digital art has, very successfully, done it before.

For instance, on February 17th, Christie's made the announcement that it would be the very first major art house auctioning digital art. The piece of art is known as The First 5000 Days by an artist who goes by the pen name Beeple and who has made millions selling art in the form of NFTs.

Similarly, photographers can mint their pieces and put them on the blockchain as NFTs. Considering the success of digital art in the metaverse, NFT photography are likely to open many doors of success to photographers. Metaverse photography auctions will act like real life photography galleries which can bring in millions of dollars for the photographer.

An NFT photographer, like an NFT artist, is someone that clicks and then works on photographs specifically to mint them and put them on the blockchain as NFTs. An NFT photographer can either work individually, selling independent pieces, or they can work with an art gallery on the metaverse that will exhibit their pieces for a digital auction.

Successful NFT Photography Projects

Justin Aversano's Twin Flames — an Ethereum NFT photography series which features 100 photographs of different set of twins taken around the world — is highly coveted. It has featured in a Christie's exhibition in New York called "Photographs". Twin Flames NFTs are owned by popular NFT collectors Snoop Dogg and Gary Vee, and one sold for 506 ETH, worth $1.9M at that time. Currently, the collection has a floor price of 90 ETH on OpenSea.
FocusMarket, an upcoming NFT photography marketplace on the Bitcoin blockchain is among the first companies to create an organized photography market in the virtual world. In 2021 alone, it was recorded that the Web2 photography market brought in $150 Billion. This value is a glimpse of the potential photography can have in the virtual world.
In 2021, a photograph of supermodel Emily Ratajkowski sold in a Christie's auction for $175,000. Note that the photograph itself is not what is worth that much. It is rather the receipt of the photograph that people put their money into. Once you're an NFT photographer, your images are going to be available to the public and you yourself can post them anywhere you want, even once they are sold. This gives photographers more freedom to their own works and is proving to be a great way to generate profit off of photographs.

A Golden Opportunity for Photographers

NFT photography is a golden opportunity for photographers out there. Being an unexplored region of the multi million dollar NFT world so far, it is relatively easier to get into and will definitely rise in value in the upcoming years once the space becomes dense. The opportunities in NFT photography are exciting and developing rapidly, and if you're a photographer you may not want to miss out on this great opportunity.

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