What Is CyberDoge (CybrrrDOGE)?
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What Is CyberDoge (CybrrrDOGE)?

CoinMarketCap takes a deep dive into a meme cryptocurrency, named CyberDoge, that claims to be "more than a temporary meme coin".

What Is CyberDoge (CybrrrDOGE)?


Recently, the crypto world has seen several meme coins with funny names gain traction. From DeFi platforms named after certain types of food to the skyrocketing Dogecoin-related cryptocurrencies, 2021 will easily go down as the year of memcoins.
At heart, meme coins bring back fun and excitement to the crypto sphere, and even though some people believe that they are detrimental to the crypto industry, there is no doubt that the attention they bring can enable mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.
CyberDoge is the latest decentralized meme token that features a staking and gaming network.

Who Created CyberDoge (CybrrrDOGE)?

CyberDoge (CybrrrDOGE) was created by a group of blockchain developers spread across the globe. One of the main developers of the project is Deckard, who has mentioned that the project is set to be more than a temporary meme coin.
CyberDoge (CybrrrDOGE) is more of a community-driven project than a project led by a centralized entity. The project developers claim that they plan to "unearth the future of currency through the attention-grabbing nature of a meme token."

So far, CyberDoge (CybrrrDOGE) has attracted the interest of thousands of investors and is looking to grow its community of stakeholders.

What Does CyberDoge (CybrrrDOGE) Offer?

CyberDoge is set to be the next play when it comes to crypto projects that enable crypto enthusiasts to amass unthinkable amounts of wealth safely. The project developers hold AMAs daily, and there are audits conducted on the project as well.
As a result, one of CyberDoge's objectives is to bring security and confidence back to the crypto industry in a fun and exciting way. According to the project’s tokenomics, 4% of the Cybrrdoge token’s supply will go to fund the platform’s liquidity, and another 4% will be rewarded to token holders.
In addition, 2% of the token's supply will enter staking pools and the highly coveted Tesla CyberTruck will be awarded to a lucky investor once the project hits a milestone of say 277 million market capitalization.

What Is The Cyberdoge (Cybrrrdoge) Token?

CybrrrDOGE is a deflationary DeFi token built on the Binance Smart Chain. The token is designed to automate the process of earning passive income in the form of yields from DeFi platforms by allowing users to customize their staking and liquidity mining options through the CyberDoge ecosystem.
The platform plans to launch a DEX (decentralized exchange) that allows users to stake CyberDoge (CybrrrDOGE) as well as earn staking rewards and provide liquidity for different markets. Users can also spend the token on the soon-to-be-launched CyberGame platform.

CyberDoge (CybrrrDOGE) Price

At the time of writing, the price of CyberDoge is set at $0.000000000112. This token also has a fully diluted market cap of $11,288,962.

How Does CyberDoge (CybrrrDOGE) Work?

The CyberDoge ecosystem is set to work through transparent smart contracts that will hold the platform's liquidity. According to CyberDoge's site, novice crypto enthusiasts interested in the platform will receive guidance on how to detect crypto scams. The project also plans to use a gamified approach to garnering the attention of crypto enthusiasts.

Where Can You Buy Cyberdoge (Cybrrrdoge)?

You can buy CyberDoge on PancakeSwap, DODO BSC, and ZT.

When Will Cyberdoge (Cybrrrdoge) Hit 1 Cent?

CyberDoge launched at a price of $0.000000000139. So far, the token's price has appreciated by about 20%, even though the 24-hour volume for the token has decreased by nearly 30% at the time of writing. At the moment, it is not possible to predict the price of the token as multiple variable factors, including the circulating supply and interest of the market, play a crucial role in it.

In A Nutshell

CyberDoge is a new meme token that is attempting to bring fun and excitement to the DeFi landscape. The project is built on the growing BSC and has its own network for staking and liquidity. It also features a gamified approach to earning rewards. With the Cybrrrdoge price set at $0.000000000109 per token at the time of writing, this project has a long way to go in terms of price appreciation.

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