Two Big Crypto Giveaways Are Happening Right Now
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Two Big Crypto Giveaways Are Happening Right Now

11 months ago

Cash App has teamed up with an NFL player, while Robinhood and Burger King are dishing out crypto to hungry customers.

Two Big Crypto Giveaways Are Happening Right Now


There’s a lot of crypto giveaways going on right now.

NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who plays for the Green Bay Packers, has announced on Twitter that he is giving away $1 million in Bitcoin over the next week.

This is part of a partnership with Cash App. To be eligible, fans need to drop their $cashtag — which is used to identify individuals and businesses who use this platform — add the hashtag #PaidInBitcoin, and follow Cash App’s Twitter account.

In a video, Rodgers can be seen in a suave suit — and according to Decrypt, he’s enjoying a drink that’s a blend of whisky and anti-aging serum. His face also appears to have a few nasty cuts from a previous game. Rodgers says:

“Bitcoin to the moon. That’s why I’m pumped to share that I’ve recently teamed with Cash App. They’ve enabled me to take part of my NFL salary in Bitcoin for the very first time. Bitcoin is a new concept and can be intimidating. To make it more accessible to my fans, I’m giving away $1 million in Bitcoin right now.” 

The NFL star then added: “We can go the moon together.” 

Rodgers has also updated his Twitter header. It now features a picture of him lying on a field grimacing during a game, complete with the laser eyes that have become synonymous with Bitcoin devotees.

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Burger King and Robinhood Team Up

In other giveaway news, Burger King and Robinhood have teamed up to give away crypto to hungry customers.

Those who spend $5 at the fast food chain will be rewarded with one shiny Dogecoin.

However, the competition has a tasty twist. A few lucky diners also have the chance to win one whole Bitcoin, or one whole Ether.

The chances of uncovering the BTC or ETH are a little bit narrower. The companies say there’s a one in 100,000 chance of uncovering Bitcoin during the promotion, and a one in 10,000 chance of winning the Ether.
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