Crypto News, April 1: Bitcoin Falls on EU Crackdown, Bored Ape Discord Hacked, Snoop Loves Cardano

3 months ago

Here's why crypto investors are so worried about new tough new rules that have been approved in Europe.

Crypto News, April 1: Bitcoin Falls on EU Crackdown, Bored Ape Discord Hacked, Snoop Loves Cardano


Today's headlines

Alarm as Europe cracks down on anonymous crypto transactions 🇪🇺

Anonymous crypto transactions are set to be outlawed in Europe. Politicians in Brussels have voted overwhelmingly in favor of a crackdown on unhosted wallets. This means that those who send and receive crypto transactions will need to be identified by exchanges. And whereas these anti-money laundering requirements are only in force for fiat payments over €1,000, no minimum threshold is going to apply to crypto. Critics of the EU regulations have warned that crypto exchanges will find it impossible to verify the owners of unhosted wallets. Ledger's CEO Pascal Gauthier fears the tougher rules will "pave the way for a massive surveillance regime over Europe's financial landscape." Bitcoin fell to $44,400 as markets digested the news.

Bored Ape Yacht Club's Discord hacked 🚨

Bored Ape Yacht Club's Discord server has been hacked. A malicious actor managed to make their way into the platform, which is meant to be exclusively available to those who own Bored Apes and Mutant Apes. When inside, they posted a phishing link and successfully stole a Mutant Ape NFT from an unsuspecting user. "STAY SAFE. Do not mint anything from any Discord right now," the collection warned users in a tweet on Friday morning. In other developments, dozens of non-fungible tokens — including five Bored Apes — have been stolen after a number of verified Twitter profiles were targeted in a sophisticated phishing hack.

Snoop Dogg and Charles Hoskinson to hold Twitter Spaces 👀

Here's a surreal story for you: Snoop Dogg and Charles Hoskinson have revealed they're going to take part in a Twitter Spaces together next week. The American rapper and Cardano founder's meeting comes as Snoop unveils a new partnership with an NFT collection. "Iconic collectibles, unreleased music and limited edition pitches" are set to be released through Clay Nation, a Cardano-based platform. In a video promoting the upcoming Twitter Spaces, clay versions of Snoop Dogg and the crypto investor Champ Medici are seen enjoying a joint together. The Twitter Spaces will take place on April 5 at 6pm UTC. "I have the best job in the world," Hoskinson tweeted.

Crypto is no longer required to buy NFTs on OpenSea 💸

OpenSea now allows collectors to buy NFTs without using crypto. The world's biggest NFT marketplace is enabling users to make purchases using their Visa, Mastercard and American Express debit cards. Through an expanded partnership with MoonPay, transactions can also be completed using Apple Pay and Google Pay. Until now, users were required to top up a wallet by converting fiat into crypto first — and it's hoped the change will break down barriers to entry. MoonPay says that the feature is going to be rolled out gradually to OpenSea users.
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