CoinMarketCap Listing Is FREE

CoinMarketCap Listing Is FREE

8 months ago

It is ALWAYS FREE. Listings are free. Say it with me — CoinMarketCap listings are always free.

CoinMarketCap Listing Is FREE
Did you know that CoinMarketCap listings are free? Well, they are! Listings are always free.

You can apply here to add your cryptoasset to CoinMarketCap.

If anyone, ever, asks you to pay a fee or a tip for getting listed on CoinMarketCap — they are a scammer. Scammers may use spoofed emails or even impersonate a CoinMarketCap employee, so stay vigilant — no one will ever ask you for money for a listing
CoinMarketCap also does not sanction any service that assists in listing any cryptoasset project or exchange. If a service says they will guarantee a listing on CoinMarketCap for a fee, they are not working with CoinMarketCap. Instead, they are usually claiming credit for listings that would have happened organically. If you are scammed by a listings service, we will not be in a position to recover your funds.
We do not accept bribes for listings. We reserve the right to exercise sole discretion to de-list or blacklist any project that pays for listing services or attempts to bribe CoinMarketCap employees.
So say it with us again — CoinMarketCap listings are ALWAYS FREE.
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