CoinMarketCap Launches New Watchlists — Follow Your Favorite Traders!
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CoinMarketCap Launches New Watchlists — Follow Your Favorite Traders!

1 year ago

With CoinMarketCap's new crypto watchlist features, you can have more than one watchlist, as well as follow your friends (and they can follow right back)!

CoinMarketCap Launches New Watchlists — Follow Your Favorite Traders!


CoinMarketCap has released a newly updated watchlist for keeping track of your favorite coins. Your watchlist will sync between your mobile app and your laptop, making sure that you always know how your coins are doing.

How to Make the Best Use of CoinMarketCap’s Watchlist

Before using the new CoinMarketCap watchlist, you’ll need to create an account or log in to your existing account.

Now, it’s time to start using the new watchlist! Here is a step-by-step guide to using the CoinMarketCap watchlist.

Step 1: Upgrade to the Current Watchlist

If you have been using our watchlist feature before this upgrade, there are two ways of storing your watchlist — either on your local machine (laptop, desktop) or stored with your account.

If we detect that you have local stored watchlist data existing, we’ll require you to make a decision of how we should deal with the old data when you first arrive on the new watchlist.

There will be three options for you:

  1. Merge watchlists: if this option is selected, we will take your local watchlist + account-stored watchlist and make it one watchlist for your future use.
  2. Keep local watchlist: if this option is selected, we will then discard your account watchlist and only keep your local watchlist for your future use.
  3. Keep account watchlist: if this option is selected, same idea as the previous option that only your account watchlist will be kept.

Please note once the decision is made, the data cannot be restored — so make your choice carefully!

Reminder: the difference between your “local” watchlist and your “account” watchlist is that one was stored just on your laptop, while the other was associated with your account — under the new watchlist, you’ll have just one watchlist across all devices!

Step 2: Create Your Own Watchlist

The CoinMarketCap watchlist is a good way for you to track coins you care about. You can build your own watchlist from these following spots:

From the watchlist page: When you go to the main page of watchlist, you can add coins from an empty page:

Or from the “+Add Coins” button on the upper right corner:

Once you click on the add coin buttons, you can search your favorite coins from the pop-up:‍

- You can also add coins from the coin listings page from the ⭐️ in the front of a coin when you browse

- ⭐️s also appear on coin detail pages — when you check out the details of a coin and find it interesting, you can also add that coin directly to your watchlist.

Please note if you add coins from the B and C options above, coins will only be added to the “Main” watchlist (this will be explained below)!

Your CoinMarketCap Watchlists

This new version of watchlist provides some new features that you might have been long expecting!

Multiple watchlists: you can now create more than one watchlist! You can use watchlists for different purposes, like one for DeFi, one for storage and more! Remember that you can give each watchlist a unique name and description so you know what they are about! You can edit the name and description from “... More” button:
You can also create new watchlists, or switch to other watchlists from the dropdown next to the watchlist name:
Note that there will always need to be one “Main” watchlist amongst your watchlists.
This main watchlist will be your default watchlist — when you add coins from ⭐️s mentioned above, it will only be added to the main watchlist. When you go to the watchlist page, this will be the first watchlist shown to you. By default, the main watchlist is set to be the first watchlist you created; however you can swap it anytime in the “... More” list:

From here, you can also duplicate/copy a watchlist, or remove/delete a watchlist.

Public watchlists: You can now set your watchlists as public! This means that each one of your watchlists has its own URL created for you ,and you can share with your friends or the community!
You can set a watchlist to be “public” from the “... More” as shown above, or from the “Share” button .
After you make the watchlist public, you can try and promote it, as other users can follow your watchlist and get the most up-to-date coin list inspirations from you! All popular watchlists will be listed on CoinMarketCap’s popular page, try your best to make it to the top 10!
Follow other peoples’ watchlists: if you find any interesting watchlists, you can follow them and see the most updated coin list and get inspired! Simply click on the “Follow” button on other people’s watchlist, or from the popular watchlists and those will be dropped into your “Following” list

Enjoy watching!

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