What Is Royal BNB (RB)? Features, Tokenomics and Price Prediction
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What Is Royal BNB (RB)? Features, Tokenomics and Price Prediction

11 months ago

CoinMarketCap takes a deep dive into Royal BNB (RB), a token that provides 15% ROI to RB holders in the form of BNB along with an auto-claim feature.

What Is Royal BNB (RB)? Features, Tokenomics and Price Prediction


Royal BNB (RB) is a token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that provides a 15% ROI on BNB that is auto-claimed which means that RB holders don't need to manually convert their RB holdings to BNB. Instead, the BNB is deposited to user wallets every 30 minutes on a recurring basis. 

How Is Royal BNB (RB) Unique?

Royal Thrust is the unique offering of Royal BNB (RB). It is termed the 'next big solidity code revolution' by the creators. Royal Thrust is an algorithm that continues to acquire data points of every RB dip and automatically buys the tokens when a threshold point is reached. Users can see it as an automated form of Buy Stop-Limit features of Royal BNB (RB).

Royal Wallet For Royal BNB (RB) Holders

The royal wallet solves the problem of gas fees (BNB) that users need to make a transaction. Since the Royal BNB (RB) token holders automatically get BNB rewards in their wallets (every 30 minutes), it will serve as a savings return for them. This automated transfer will help RB holders to use BNB as the gas fee for transferring BUSD and BEP20 tokens to and from their wallets without any additional fees.

Features Of Royal BNB (RB)

Automated Tax  

The tax on Royal BNB (RB) tokens will automatically go up and down depending on the propulsion it's getting from crypto users. However, due to the Royal Thrust feature, the 15% ROI of RB holders will remain the same which is a win-win for the holders and RB token.

Auto-Claim Feature

BNB rewards are sent every 30 minutes to Royal BNB (RB) holders which removes the hassle of manually transferring BNB to secure wallets. The rewards can also be increased for RB holders based on the number of confirmed referrals (sign-ups) and confirmed RB buys from other users.

Liquidity Pool

The long-term growth of the RB holders will increase as a dedicated percentage of all buy & sell orders will be used to create liquidity on PancakeSwap.

Royal BNB (RB) Tokenomics

There is a total supply of 11,500,000,000,000 Royal BNB (RB) tokens. A 20% tax is applied on all orders, 15% of which goes to the BNB rewards pool, 3% to the liquidity pool, and 2% go to royal-thrust. The total supply of tokens are distributed as follows:  
  • 4,600,000,000,000 for presale. 
  • 3,450,000,000,000 for Pancake Listing. 
  • 575,000,000,000 for the marketing wallet. 

The liquidity is locked at 75% rate for 1 year. Interestingly, no tokens are set aside for the development team of Royal BNB (RB).

Royal BNB (RB) Price

Royal BNB (RB) is now trading at $0.00000002976, as of August 26, 2021. Its 24-hour trading volume on exchanges is around USD $49,492. 

Royal BNB (RB) Price Prediction

As of August 26, 2021, Royal BNB (RB) is trading at $0.00000002976. Whether or not Royal BNB (RB) will hit 1 cent in the near future depends on a lot of factors. The biggest factor that will play a role in the success of RB is the price of BNB, which recently rocketed back to $500. 
BNB is the official currency of Binance, which is the most popular exchange in the world. Market analysts have predicted BNB’s price to skyrocket to $1,000 dollars by the end of 2021. The continuous upward trend of BNB may motivate users to acquire Royal BNB (RB) which provides the benefit of 15% ROI on BNB. Another factor that may influence the price of the RB token is the competitors in the market. HODL 2.0, for example, provides its token holders with BNB rewards, similar to RB, however, the auto-claim feature plus the unique feature of Royal Thrust is where RB takes the lead on HODL 2.0 and many other similar tokens. Now, considering a lot of volatile factors, it is very difficult to say in which direction the Royal (BNB) token will tilt, which is why it is advisable to keep an eye on market indicators and technical opinions of cryptocurrency experts before investing in this token. 
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