News Roundup, Jan. 4: Melania Trump Likes Bitcoin?!
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News Roundup, Jan. 4: Melania Trump Likes Bitcoin?!

5 months ago

Plus — Coinbase's CEO has just splashed out on a plush Bel Air pad.

News Roundup, Jan. 4: Melania Trump Likes Bitcoin?!


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An… unexpected endorsement

Bitcoin has officially become a teenager — with 13 years passing since its genesis block was mined. Now, the milestone has been marked by someone rather unexpected… Melania Trump. On Twitter, the former first lady congratulated Satoshi Nakamoto for his invention — and bizarrely added: "It is widely reported that Bitcoin's market cap exceeds USD$1 Trillion." This hasn't been true for some time — and the latest CoinMarketCap data puts Bitcoin's total valuation at $887 billion.

Coinbase CEO buys $133M pad

The CEO of Coinbase has snapped up a $133 million home in Los Angeles, according to The Wall Street Journal. Brian Armstrong's new Bel Air pad boasts 4.6 acres of land, a 19,000 sq ft mansion, five bedrooms, a separate guesthouse, and a spa. This is believed to be one of the priciest deals for a single-family home ever in the area. With a net worth of about $10.3 billion at the time of writing, you could argue that such an acquisition is loose change to Armstrong.

Crypto meme twins die days apart

The star of a popular crypto meme has passed away aged 72 — days after his twin died from COVID. Igor Bogdanoff, along with his brother Grichka, were best known in France for presenting shows about science. They gained notoriety among Bitcoiners after being featured in YouTube videos where they control the financial world. The meme features them ordering someone on the phone to "pump it" when a retail investor sells the lows — and "dump it" once they have a change of heart and buy the highs.
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