CoinMarketCap Newsletter: June 7
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CoinMarketCap Newsletter: June 7

1 year ago

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CoinMarketCap Newsletter: June 7


Today’s Top Crypto News Stories

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El Salvador has announced that it is planning to make Bitcoin legal tender. The revelation emerged during the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami. President Nayib Bukele hopes this will create jobs and promote financial inclusion in a country where 70% are unbanked. Remittances, which attract high fees, are a vital source of income there. Read more here.

DOGE Fan Storms Conference Stage!

Whereas talk of altcoins was meant to be strictly prohibited at Bitcoin 2021, some attendees decided to get creative. A suited Dogecoin supporter ended up interrupting a panel — ripping his jacket and shirt off to reveal a picture of the world’s most famous shiba inu. He was carried off stage to the sound of booing. Here’s the latest.

Crypto Accounts on China’s Weibo Vanish?

China’s crypto crackdown is showing no signs of abating. A number of high-profile accounts on Weibo, a microblogging site not dissimilar to Twitter, vanished over the weekend. Warnings suggested that they were taken down because they violated "laws and rules." Experts say Beijing may be fearful that a Chinese version of Elon Musk could emerge. Learn more.

Trump: ‘Bitcoin Just Seems Like a Scam’?

Former U.S. president Donald Trump has declared that "Bitcoin just seems like a scam." Speaking to Fox Business, he said he doesn’t like the cryptocurrency because of how it competes with the dollar. Trump was consistently critical of Bitcoin during his time in the White House, claiming its value is "highly volatile and based on thin air." Read more

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