CoinMarketCap Influencer(KOL) Content Policy [CONCLUDED]

CoinMarketCap Influencer(KOL) Content Policy [CONCLUDED]

1 year ago

Make sure you understand the content policy for CoinMarketCap influencers!

CoinMarketCap Influencer(KOL) Content Policy [CONCLUDED]


1. Overview

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1.1 Benefits

  • Get monthly prizes for content published (Prize-Pool periodically increased)
  • Shoutout of Influencer Content on official CoinMarketCap social accounts
  • Win additional monthly "CoinMarketCap Diamonds", which can be used to purchase "Limited-Edition Influencer NFTs".
  • Empowered by the CoinMarketCap "Referral Link". Invite friends, win diamonds, and get NFTs
  • Get recognized as an official "CoinMarketCap Influencer", by obtaining a "Limited-Edition Influencer NFTs" minted on ERC-1155
  • Opportunity for collaborative content on CoinMarketCap's very own YouTube or Alexandria(Blog)
  • Top CoinMarketCap Influencers get "41% Binance Affiliate Link"
  • Simultaneous participation alongside any “Influencer Program” (Binance/eToro/Coinbase/etc)
  • Meet the CoinMarketCap Team in a private Telegram group

1.2 Program Overview

  • Influencers(Content-Creators) need to create and publish Crypto-Content, that includes a link back to CoinMarketCap. That's it.
  • At the end of each month, CoinMarketCap will personally review each content based on various criteria (Quantity, Quality, Views, Shares, Bonus-Links, Topics, etc)
  • Winners and Rewards will be distributed at the end-of-month. With the Prize-Pool periodically increasing.

1.3 Influencer Eligibility

  • YouTuber: Creator who has created +5 videos
  • Blogger: Writer who has written +5 articles
  • Social: Media manager with +100 followers
  • Chat Admin: Admin with +100 users (Will request verification of ownership)
  • Meme Account: Must have +50 Followers
  • ※ Spammy/low-quality accounts will be disqualified

2. Influencer(KOL) Content Submission Form

If you have trouble submitting, please try again in this dedicated link:

3. Content

3.1 Content Overview

Video: Video content that has been published on a video platform (ie. YouTube/Vimeo/Twitch). Which covers crypto-related topics.
Blog: Mid-to long-form articles that cover crypto-related topics.
Social: Crypto content posted on social platforms (Facebook/Twitter/Reddit)
Chat: For admins managing a chat channel (such as a public Telegram Channel).
Share: Help CoinMarketCap rebuild the “The Great Library of Alexandria”! Share CoinMarketCap links such as articles from Alexandria for easy point accumulation.

3.2 Submission Period

  • From (00:00 AM UTC) on the first day of each month (Example: March 1st)
  • Until (23:59 PM UTC) the last day of each month (Example: March 31st)
  • Only content published during the campaign month, will be accepted (For example, if you participating in the "March Campaign" your content must have been published in March). The Influencer(KOL) Manager will post an announcement whenever a new period begins.

3.3 Email Policy

  • Please submit the email you used to register on CoinMarketCap (Example:
  • Please do not change the email you submitted in the Form. All content will be attributed to your submitted email.
  • Changing your Email mid-month, may result in content not being attributed to your account.

3.4 How to Submit Content

  • Create and publish “Blockchain/Crypto-Related Content” (content must have a publicly accessible link)
  • Submit your newly published “Content Link/URL” in the following Form (
  • The CoinMarketCap Influencer/KOL Manager will review the content for theft or other policy violations. At the end of the month, after the content review the Manager will announce the winners.
  • You can submit multiple links in the "Text Area" at the same time.
  • Published content will only be accounted for once. Republishing content will not reward the Influencer/KOL additional recognition.

3.5 Mandatory Content Criteria

4. Content Criteria

On a monthly basis, CoinMarketCap will select the top contents based on the below criteria. Scores will be given by a select panel of judges from the CoinMarketCap editorial team. CoinMarketCap will evaluate all submitted content within 14 working days of the following the end-of-month. The final score will be a combination of the scores below, not all below criteria is mandatory. For example, your content can still win, even if the content's title does not include CoinMarketCap.

4.1 Quality of Content

A panel of judges will judge the content based on various factors such as design elements, in-depth research, usage of data, etc.

4.2 Creativity/Uniqueness

A panel of judges will judge the content based on various factors such on topic and expressive creativity of the content.

4.3 Quantity of Content Submitted

The quantity of submitted content will be taken into account, when selecting the top content creators.

4.4 Content Views

Content(Blog/Video) with the most "Views" will receive the following rewards. Only content with "Publicly" available "Views" will be considered for the "Viewership Leaderboard". Regardless of submission period, "Views" will be counted at the End-of-Month (in order to ensure the maximum amount of "Views" to accumulate).

4.5 Share Your Content

After publishing the content, the Influencer must share their content to their followers on Social-Media (Twitter/Facebook/Telegram/etc). Please also submit your shared content URL-Links in the following Form ( Here is a list of recommended Social-Channels.

4.6 Share CoinMarketCap News

To be eligible for the CoinMarketCap Influencer Program, Influencers must periodically share CoinMarketCap's content. CoinMarketCap News can be found in the following channels. Please submit URL-Links of the shared Social-Posts (Twitter/Facebook/Reddit/Telegram/etc). Please also submit your shared content URL-Links in the following Form ( Here are some channels where you can follow CoinMarketCap updates in realtime.

4.7 Content Social Engagement

Content with the highest accumulated (Comment/Shares/Likes) will receive the following rewards. Only publicly viewable "Social Interactions" will be considered for this criteria. Regardless of submission period, "Total Social Interactions" will be counted at the End-of-Month (in order to ensure the maximum amount of "Views" to accumulate).

Each Influencer can increase their chances by adding unique UTM codes to their links. Each influencer can use their (Telegram Username + 8 unique numbers) to create their own unique identifier. For users who received UTM links prior, can continue to use the existing UTM code. Alternatively, the influencers can change to the newer UTM-codes. Both codes will work. Alternatively, you can use your Unique-Referral-ID here ( All the above methods of creating a unique UTM-Link are valid, as long as the UTM is unique.

4.9 Include CoinMarketCap "Tags"

Add “Tags” in the post or add “#Hashtag” within the post (#CoinMarketCap)

4.10 Include CoinMarketCap in “Title”

Content with the literal title of CoinMarketCap in the title of the content, will have precedence over content without CoinMarketCap in the title.

  • How to Use "CoinMarketCap" Portfolio Tracker
  • Adding Coins to Your "CoinMarketCap" Watchlist
  • Tracking Bitcoin Price on "CoinMarketCap"

Add the following links to your content. Help CoinMarketCap grow as a whole!

5. Prize Pool

At the beginning of each month, everyone’s Points are reset to "0" and a new monthly Leaderboard will be initiated. Aside from the overall increasing prize pool, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners will be taking even larger prizes for the USDT prize category. Influencers who submit content from languages from the APAC region (Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, etc), will automatically be sorted as an APAC influencers.

  • 6,000 USDT Prizes
  • 13,000 Diamond Airdrop
  • 80 Limited Edition NFTs
  • 15 Shoutout on Social

1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners will be taking even larger prizes for the USDT prize category. Users who don’t reach the top 50 rank (unranked), will still be able to win additional Diamonds (which can be used to get Limited-Edition NFTs).

  • 1st Place: 10% (USDT Prize Pool)
  • 2nd Place: 5% (USDT Prize Pool)
  • 3rd Place: 3% (USDT Prize Pool)
  • Remaining: 1/n (Distributed Amongst Remaining Winners)
  • Unranked: 30 Diamonds

6. Policy Violations

Violating/exploiting the terms of CoinMarketCap programs may result in permanent blacklisting from all current and future campaigns. As well as negatively impacting any involvement in listed projects.

  • Low quality/thin-content as determined by the influencer manager
  • Continuous spamming of repetitive content/terms
  • Indiscriminate slander against the company and the operator without clear evidence;
  • Posts that violate public order (hate speech, the possibility of promoting social and cultural disputes, etc)
  • Spreading false rumors, manipulation of screenshots, etc. that may cause confusion
  • Plagiarizing other people's contents without their permission
  • Exposing other people’s personal information, without their consent
  • Impersonating CoinMarketCap Admins, Moderators, Community Managers, Heroes, etc
  • Exploiting the influencer policy loopholes

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Dec 7th, 2021

Terms and Conditions: CoinMarketCap reserves the right to disqualify actions that are deemed to be irregular or illegally bulk registered accounts, as well as actions that display attributes of self-dealing or manipulation. CoinMarketCap reserves the right to cancel or amend any Activity or Activity Rules at our sole discretion. Risk warning: Cryptocurrency is subject to high market risk. Please make your trades cautiously. CoinMarketCap will make best efforts to choose high-quality coins, but will not be responsible for your trading losses ( ( ( ( By accessing and using CoinMarketCap services, you represent and warrant that you have not been included in any trade embargoes or economic sanctions list (such as the united nations security council sanctions list), the list of specially designated nationals maintained by ofac (the office of foreign assets control of the U.S. Department of the treasury), or the denied persons or entity list of the U.S. Department of commerce. CoinMarketCap reserves the right to choose markets and jurisdictions to conduct business, and may restrict or refuse, in its discretion, the provision of CoinMarketCap services in certain countries or regions. Winners will be contacted via Email. By registering to use a CoinMarketCap Airdrop, you represent and warrant that (i) as an individual, you are at least 18 or are of legal age to form a binding contract under applicable laws; (ii) as an individual, legal person, or other organization, you have full legal capacity and sufficient authorizations to enter into these Terms; (iii) you have not been previously suspended or removed from using CoinMarketCap Services; (iv) you are a non-U.S User, unless you only log on to websites for U.S. Users and use CoinMarketCap Services for U.S. Users. If you act as an employee or agent of a legal entity, and enter into these Terms on their behalf, you represent and warrant that you have all the necessary rights and authorizations to bind such legal entity; (vi) your use of CoinMarketCap Services will not violate any and all laws and regulations applicable to you, including but not limited to regulations on anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, and counter-terrorist financing.
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