CoinMarketCap Daily, June 14: Elon Tweets — and BTC Goes Up
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CoinMarketCap Daily, June 14: Elon Tweets — and BTC Goes Up

1 year ago

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CoinMarketCap Daily, June 14: Elon Tweets — and BTC Goes Up


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Musk Tweets as Bitcoin Surges 🚀

Bitcoin broke $40,000 on Monday on the back of a new tweet from Elon Musk. Over the weekend, he said Tesla would be prepared to start accepting Bitcoin as a payment method again. There is a caveat: This will only happen once it's confirmed that at least 50% of the energy used by miners comes from renewable sources. Here's what he said.

Man Loses $282,000 to Crypto Scam 🚨

A British man has lost $282,000 in a crypto scam, police have said. He was enticed into investing money into a fake brokerage firm and was told Bitcoin's price was about to skyrocket. Fraudsters took out loans in his name, threatened and harassed him hundreds of times, and even turned up at his house to demand more money. How to protect yourself.

Major Bitcoin Upgrade Is 'Locked In' 💪

One of the most significant improvements seen in Bitcoin’s protocol for years is set to go ahead after receiving enough support from miners. The Taproot upgrade is set to enhance the scripting capabilities of the Bitcoin network and improve privacy. It needed to be backed by 90% of miners over a two-week period, and will come into force in November. Learn more. Settles Lawsuit 💸 is going to pay a $27.5 million settlement — ending a class-action lawsuit brought over its $4 billion initial coin offering for EOS. The company will pay the money to claimants who invested in the ICO. maintains the lawsuit "was without merit and filed with numerous inaccuracies" but said the settlement will allow it to focus on its business. Read more.

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