CMC Daily, Oct. 26: Want to Use SHIB to Buy Dinner?
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CMC Daily, Oct. 26: Want to Use SHIB to Buy Dinner?

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Plus, Mastercard's latest announcement has caused Bakkt shares to explode, Africa has its first central bank digital currency, and new data reveals Bitcoin is more centralized than you think.

CMC Daily, Oct. 26: Want to Use SHIB to Buy Dinner?


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Will Tesla Accept Bitcoin Again? 👀

Tesla has indicated it may start accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method in the future. Elon Musk stopped Bitcoin from being used to buy electric vehicles amid concerns over the blockchain's impact on the environment. In an SEC filing, the company suggested a U-turn may come — adding it believes in the "long-term potential" of digital assets. Our story.

Mastercard Helps Bakkt Shares Surge 📈

On Monday, Mastercard and Bakkt unveiled a partnership designed to expand access to digital assets — allowing merchants and banks to offer crypto services. The announcement helped Bakkt's shares treble in one day — just a week after their launch. It's hoped the new deal will modernize loyalty schemes and entice younger consumers. Find out more here.

SHIBA INU Accepted at Paris Restaurant 🇫🇷

A French eatery appears to have started accepting a joke cryptocurrency as a payment method. Le Bistrot d'Eleonore et Maxence has two "SHIBA INU accepted here" stickers proudly displayed in its window, according to a Facebook video. This means pumpkin soup, risotto and chocolate ganache could all be bought using the altcoin. Why it might not be a good idea.

Tom Brady Gives Whole Bitcoin to NFL Fan 🏈

Tom Brady made history on Sunday night after his 600th touchdown. There was just one problem: his teammate gave the ball away, blissfully unaware that the memorabilia could one day be worth an estimated $900,000. The fan has kindly given the ball back — and now, he's been handsomely rewarded with signed merch and a whole Bitcoin, too. Here's the latest.

1,000 People Own THREE MILLION Bitcoin 😬

Bitcoin has long been presented as an asset that democratizes finance. But new research reinforces the fact that — for the most part — a small number of individuals own a large chunk of the crypto in circulation. Some 10,000 people own a third of Bitcoin's entire supply. Meanwhile, 10% of miners control a whopping 90% of capacity. Drill down into the data here.

SEC to Get 'Significant Authority' over Stablecoins 🚨

The Securities and Exchange Commission looks set to gain substantial powers to regulate stablecoins for the foreseeable future. Reports suggest Congress will be urged to treat these digital assets like bank deposits. This could have huge ramifications for the likes of Tether and USD Coin when it comes to their operation in the U.S. Find out more here.

Nigeria Launches Africa's First Digital Currency 🇳🇬

Africa’s largest country has launched the continent’s first central bank digital currency. The Central Bank of Nigeria announced that the eNaira went live on Oct. 25, making the country of nearly 220 million home to what is far and away the largest CBDC. It's hoped the asset will make cross-border transfers faster and easier. Why this is significant.
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