Bitcoin ATMs Unite!: Crypto News Recap, Aug. 26
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Bitcoin ATMs Unite!: Crypto News Recap, Aug. 26

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Today, we take a look at Bitcoin ATMs, Huobi, VeChain and a16z.

Bitcoin ATMs Unite!: Crypto News Recap, Aug. 26


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Bitcoin ATM Operators Form Anti-Money Laundering Group 🦹🏻‍♂️

Several top Bitcoin ATM firms announced the creation of the Cryptocurrency Compliance Cooperative, which seeks to legitimize the cash-to-crypto business. The DEA says money launderers are turning to BATMs in greater numbers. The advocacy group will set anti-money-laundering standards and work with law enforcement. Read more.

Huobi Wallet Offers One-Click Staking Rewards 👛

The top-five cryptocurrency exchange’s Huobi Wallet is trying to entice more investors to DeFi staking pools. Huobi’s new HClaimer service can retrieve staking rewards from multiple blockchains and DApps with a single click. It will begin with Huobi Eco Chain and expand to more mainstream blockchains in the next three months. Get the details.

VeChain’s New Carbon Footprint Tool Targets Greenwashing 🌲

Supply chain management platform VeChain is releasing a SaaS tool that will let companies bring suppliers on a single blockchain targeting carbon footprint reporting. The new service connects with independent pollution reporting verification providers. The goal is ultimately to gain the trust of consumers looking at their own footprint. Smoke out the details.

Top VC a16z Opens Up on Crypto Governance Agenda 🦍

Venture capital powerhouse a16z — otherwise known as Andreessen Horowitz — released details of its crypto governance process. After a controversial “no” vote on a Uniswap DAO governance proposal, the firm broke down its token-based voting power on projects. It also set out its guiding principles for decentralized protocol decision-making. See more here.
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