YouTube Accused of Censoring Bitcoin Videos
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YouTube Accused of Censoring Bitcoin Videos

8 months ago

Anthony Pompliano — who has 256,000 subscribers — saw his account taken down, only to be reinstated a few hours later.

YouTube Accused of Censoring Bitcoin Videos


Bitcoin enthusiasts have accused YouTube of censorship after a popular channel was briefly taken down.

Anthony Pompliano’s account claimed the video-sharing site was attempting to de-platform him — and shared an email that suggested his content was harmful and dangerous.

The email notified him that he was unable to create any more videos, or establish new YouTube channels in future.

In the video that caused YouTube to take action, Pomp had been interviewing PlanB — the creator of the stock-to-flow model, which some rely on as a guide for how Bitcoin will perform in the coming months and years.

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A Brief Interruption

Pomp’s account — which has 256,000 subscribers — was later reinstated, and the Bitcoin bull took the opportunity to reupload the video that caused him trouble, titling it: The Bitcoin Interview That YouTube Tried To Delete.

A Twitter Spaces conversation was devoted to the issue last night, where some crypto enthusiasts suggested that Pomp may have been rebuked for offering to launch a giveaway if more people liked his page.

YouTube has terms of service that content creators have to follow, but some crypto enthusiasts claim the rules are unclear — and that they have had videos taken down for no reason.

One of those who spoke out was Dennis Porter, a Bitcoin maximalist who hosts a podcast on YouTube. He tweeted: 

“Continuing to say ‘well it’s their platform they can ban whomever they want’ is not flying anymore. Entire industries depend on access to these platforms. There should AT THE VERY LEAST be a process with advanced warnings and legal recourse. You’re deleting someone’s business!”

CoinMarketCap has reached out to YouTube for a comment.


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