You Can Now Redeem Your CoinMarketCap Diamonds
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You Can Now Redeem Your CoinMarketCap Diamonds

5 months ago

Loyal CoinMarketCap users are given Diamonds for visiting our site — now, you can redeem them for different, new rewards.

You Can Now Redeem Your CoinMarketCap Diamonds

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CoinMarketCap’s loyalty Diamonds program has just added a new feature — now, you can spend the Diamonds that you have earned on a variety of new prizes.

You’re probably used to getting rewards in loyalty programs in all other parts of your life — rewards points on Amazon, rewards at your favorite grocery store chains, even rewards for loyalty programs for some crypto exchanges.

CoinMarketCap knew how much people like being valued for their time, which is why we have jumped on the bandwagon with our CoinMarketCap Diamonds rewards program.

Why Do You Want CoinMarketCap Diamonds?

Because who doesn’t want free things!

More seriously, we at CoinMarketCap really care about our users. We know that you visit us every day to see the latest crypto prices and learn about the latest crypto projects.

And because your visits bring us so much joy — we’ve decided to reward you for your loyalty by giving back for all the times you use our site. By visiting CoinMarketCap and interacting with our features, you show us that you are a loyal user, and we thank you in the form of Diamonds — that you can now redeem for real items!

Today, we are also releasing our Diamond balance leaderboard for the loyalty program. Now, you can see how you stack up to other CoinMarketCap users — which should inspire you to visit our site more often! 

How to Spend CoinMarketCap Diamonds

CoinMarketCap Diamonds can be redeemed for a variety of items, and we will only be adding more rewards over time.

Right now, if you have CoinMarketCap Diamonds, you can redeem them for the following prizes!


MOBOX NFTs! CoinMarketCap Diamond collectors have the chance to redeem their Diamonds for several different NFTs from MOBOX, including a MOBOX key that unlocks an NFT (for 1,000 users). Each MOBOX key is equal to 1,500 Diamonds.

MOBOX keys can be used to unlock chests, which contain unique MOMO NFTs. Each of these NFTs have different qualities (rare, unique, etc.) and can be used to mine MBOX governance tokens, as well as in a variety of games in the MOBOX platform.

For CoinMarketCap users that are around for the long-haul, there will also be one MOBOX rare item worth 21,000 Diamonds.

This rare item is a legendary NFT, created just for the CoinMarketCap Diamonds program!

Enjin NFTs

10,000 users of CoinMarketCap Diamonds will be able to redeem 100 Diamonds for an NFT from Enjin.

‍These NFTs require you to download the Enjin Wallet app!

SafePal Discount - Coupon

CoinMarketCap users will also be able to redeem 1,000 Diamonds for 10% off at SafePal, a crypto wallet that allows you to secure, manage and grow your crypto wealth.

X World Games NFTs - MysteryBox

There will be 100 unique codes to unlock the mystery box containing Dream Card NFTs in the CoinMarketCap Diamond program. Dream Card is the first TCG game released by X World Games that allows players to join the in-game battle and the on-chain expedition to win XWG tokens.

Limited Edition NFT Artwork created by N G from NFTb.

This is NFT is strictly limited edition and is created to celebrate the launch of the CMC's Diamonds Rewards Program.

Happy spending!