Weekly Wrap: Upcoming NFT Sales to Watch This Week [Oct. 13, 2021]
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Weekly Wrap: Upcoming NFT Sales to Watch This Week [Oct. 13, 2021]

In this weekly roundup, CoinMarketCap takes a look at some upcoming NFTs dropping this week that NFT collectors can mint, from retro aesthetic musical loops to Halloween-worthy NFTs.

Weekly Wrap: Upcoming NFT Sales to Watch This Week [Oct. 13, 2021]


Digital artists are now looking beyond just releasing NFT images. A new collection is looking to add musical loops to the mix. Meanwhile, another NFT project has promised to make you “go crazy with fear.” Here’s a rundown of some of the hottest NFTs that will grace the space this week.

Wednesday, Oct. 13

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Sol Pets

  • Price: 1 SOL

  • No. of Tokens: 10,000

Sol Pets is a collection of 10,000 generative pets on the Solana blockchain. The collection features eight different species of animals, including tigers, elephants, dogs and rabbits. Token holders will be able to access exclusive giveaways and rewards, as well as membership in owners-only chat rooms.

Following the NFT sale, a donation will be made to ASPCA to support real animals. Meanwhile, there are plans to list on Solanart Marketplace in Q4 2021. Later in the future, there will be announcements for gen 2 mythical pets such as unicorns and dragons.

Friday the 13th

  • Price: 0.0666 ETH

  • No. of Tokens: 6,666

If you are a fan of scary-themed movies like SAW, IT and The Exorcist, then you’ll probably be attracted to this NFT collection. Friday the 13th features 6,666 scary art themed NFTs. The said date of launch might actually be a play on the date for Halloween, which is October “31.”

To make things even more interesting, the team behind the collection has promised that members of its community will “go crazy with fear.” From clowns to witches, nuns, explosive sheep, and monsters, this NFT collection is bringing a new element to the NFT mania.

That being said, once the sale is complete, a short horror movie about Friday the 13th will be made. Only F13 token holders will be able to watch the movie.

Reflective Collective

  • Price: 0.08 ETH

  • No. of Tokens: 10,000

We’ve probably all seen movies suggesting the existence of a parallel universe. Chances are that you’ve even wondered what life may look like in another dimension. This NFT collection explores the idea of parallel existence.

“The Reflective Collective is a secret society that has the ability to see parallel versions of themselves.”

The 10,000 NFTs in the collection is derived from 14 unique variations of reflections in five categories.

In the long term, the team will be working on a comic book series. NFT holders will be able to claim free copies of these NFT comics. Further down the line, there will be a digital fashion show, with free entry to all NFT holders.

The Tokyo Ten

  • Price: 0.08 ETH

  • No. of Tokens: 10,000

The Tokyo Ten NFT series has this futuristic feel to it. It is a collection of 10,000 randomly-generated and hand-illustrated NFTs “living in Cyber Tokyo 2261.” According to the team behind the project:

“The Tokyo Ten was created by a team with true passion for the NFT and digital collectibles space — people who enjoy innovating, pushing boundaries, and being experimental. We want this project to be for the community, and led by the community. You are in the drivers’ seat with us.”

Speaking of community, NFT holders will have access to training from 7 and 8-figure internet entrepreneurs in addition to voting rights in a community DAO.

Thursday, Oct. 14


  • Price: Free

  • No. of Tokens: 100,000

You probably want to send a reminder on Thursday since MetaBlobs will be releasing 100,000 NFTs for free to users. Apart from the transaction fee, you won’t be paying any extra money to own a MetaBlob.

“MetaBlobs are here to be enjoyed, collected and traded. They offer a great variety of traits with countless combinations, so that there truly is a MetaBlob for everybody.”

The characters in the collection were derived from over 500 different figures, hats, eyes, backgrounds, and accessories. Furthermore, the team added one of six different rarities to each trait.

Although the MetaBlobs smart contract allows users to mint only one token per wallet, users can mint more tokens if they own NFTs from some handpicked collections, including MekaVerse, Cool Cats, Bored Ape Yacht Club and more.

Friday, Oct. 15

Panda Paradise

  • Price: 0.08 ETH

  • No. of Tokens: 8,888

The 8,888 NFTs in this collection will become the building block for a blockchain-based NFT game. Panda Paradise will be making its debut with a set of 8,888 first generation Panda Humanoids.

Each ERC-721 NFT in the collection is unique and programmatically generated from over 180 attributes and traits, including facial expression, skins, clothes and accessories.

Dragons of Midgard

  • Price: 0.06 ETH / 3 SOL

  • No. of Tokens: 10,000

Chances are that you missed out on Axie Infinity, a play-to-earn game, in its early days. Dragons of Midgard is a play-to-earn game on the Ethereum and Solana blockchains. The project will be making its debut with 10,000 unique dragon NFTs.

“Dragons of Midgard is a playable NFT Collectible PVP game set in the medieval era in the kingdom of midgard. The kingdom of midgard comprises eight territories and each territory has multiple battle arenas. You need to have specific dragons to play each arena. Each arena yields different rewards and has hidden treasures which can be unlocked at the end of the game.”

Similar to Axie Infinity, players will need to purchase the dragons before they can play the game.

Saturday, Oct. 16

Funky Punks

  • Price: 0.6 SOL

  • No. of Tokens: 7,777

CryptoPunks are still such a big deal. This is why many digital artists have either copied its pixelated art format or created projects around it. The Funky Punks collection revolves around dressing CryptoPunks.

The team has compiled “a list of whacky, yet classy clothing pieces to compliment your punk!” Each Funky Punk doubles as a mint pass that can be used to generate a metaverse-compatible punk VX.

Sunday, Oct. 17


Price: 0.06 ETH

No. of Tokens: 15,000

Dreamloops is combining digital art with musical loops. With a relatively large collection size of 15,000, Dreamers is a series of audio-visual NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. 

It is the first release from Bitlectro Labs and features programmatically generated 8-bit musical loops and 16-bit artwork.

“The “album covers” are inspired by classic gaming platforms such as the Amiga, PC98 and Super Nintendo and feature a retro-futuristic aesthetic. The music for each Dreamloop is composed entirely on a classic NES using a Midines cartridge. Each Dreamloop′s music and art is unique and features elements of varying scarcity.”

Meanwhile, 1 in 5 Dreamloops will be redeemable for physical media in the form of vinyl record or cassette tape.

Monday, Oct. 18


  • Price: 0.065 ETH

  • No. of Tokens: 8,888

The Fancybirds NFT collection has this Angry Birds vibe to it. These 8,888 randomly-generated pixelated characters will be used in a play-to-earn game where players race to gain the top spot and claim the treehouse trophy.
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