Police Destroy More Than 1,000 Bitcoin Mining Rigs with a Steamroller
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Police Destroy More Than 1,000 Bitcoin Mining Rigs with a Steamroller

1 year ago

It's believed that the machines used stolen electricity worth millions of dollars.

Police Destroy More Than 1,000 Bitcoin Mining Rigs with a Steamroller


Malaysia is certainly getting aggressive when it comes to illegal Bitcoin mining operations.

Police in the city of Miri recently seized 1,069 rigs that were allegedly being used to generate new coins — stealing vast amounts of electricity in the process.

Now, footage has emerged that shows the mining rigs being crushed by a steamroller to ensure they can never be used again.

Local media reports suggest that six people have been arrested for electricity theft. As well as being fined about $1,900, they’ve been sentenced to eight months behind bars.

Estimates indicate that energy worth more than $2 million was stolen when the farm was in operation.

Malaysian officials have claimed these underground activities have caused frequent outages across the region. Worse still, it’s believed that three houses ended up catching fire because miners had attempted to rewire electrical connections.

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Earlier this week, local reports suggested that the suspects were aged between 24 and 64, and the mining rigs were found scattered across four locations.

The suspects are believed to have served as “keepers” — people who kept the mining farm in operation and minimized the risk of accidents.

Although police do believe that they’ve crippled this syndicate, detectives are still hunting for the mastermind and other members who are still at large — and they haven’t ruled out the possibility that this group has links to other illegal Bitcoin mining operations in other states.

Unfortunately, it seems this particular operation is a drop in the ocean compared with what officials are dealing with. Nationally, it has been projected that electricity worth $21.3 million has been stolen for illegal Bitcoin mining operations in the past 12 months.

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