Podcast: Super Bowl Crypto Ads, Addiction to Trading

Podcast: Super Bowl Crypto Ads, Addiction to Trading

9 months ago

On this week's show, we look at the warning signs that your crypto trading is harmful — and we've got an easy-to-understand look at this week's headlines.

Podcast: Super Bowl Crypto Ads, Addiction to Trading


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News Roundup: Super Bowl, Freedom Convoy, El Salvador

The Super Bowl was dominated by crypto ads last weekend — with everyone from Coinbase to FTX attempting to grab the attention of NFL fans. But who had the best commercial… and were some companies unprepared for the attention they would receive? Molly Jane Zuckerman joins us to discuss the fallout — and whether the flurry of ads proves that crypto isn't currency.

We also discuss Canada's attempts to clamp down on crypto wallets linked to the Freedom Convoy movement — after Bitcoin worth about $1 million was raised through a decentralized crowdfunding platform. Is this a heavy-handed move by Justin Trudeau's administration… and will the police succeed in stopping the protesters from accessing these funds?

Also on the agenda are calls for the U.S. State Department to scrutinize El Salvador's decision to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. President Nayib Bukele reacted furiously to a bill put forward by three senators in Washington. Connor and Molly Jane debate whether the radical policies adopted by the small Central American nation are America's business — and whether they should be meddling in the first place.

Warning Signs Your Crypto Trading Habits Are Harmful

Also in the show, we explore a British charity's calls for crypto exchanges to offer greater protections to their users — including self-exclusion schemes and time-out periods.

Gamcare claims that many problem gamblers are increasingly turning to digital assets, and it has witnessed a sharp rise in the number of calls about crypto to its National Gambling Helpline.

Financial harms expert Raminta Diliso joins Connor to reveal some of the warning signs that your crypto trading habits are harmful, and the steps you should take if you're worried.

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