12 Crypto Firms That Are Hiring Right now — April 2021 Edition

1 year ago

Crypto Jobs List features the top blockchain and crypto jobs that are hiring right now in April 2021.

12 Crypto Firms That Are Hiring Right now — April 2021 Edition


The blockchain space is rapidly evolving as core technology matures and new projects with novel solutions emerge. DeFi, NFTs, blockchain interoperability and other verticals are paving the way for new engineering, development, design and business development roles. As more projects emerge, the crypto job market is busier than ever, with a host of tempting positions currently available. 

Many projects that started out as small teams are now expanding to adjust to this fast-paced environment. We’ve rounded up some of the premium positions within the cryptoconomy so that you can choose the one that best fits your skill set. Many of these are highly technical and require advanced level knowledge in various engineering and development fields. They are also the most professionally rewarding.

Rust Developer at t3rn | Berlin 

T3rn is a smart contract hosting provider based in Berlin. Its technology enables smart contracts to be interoperable across different blockchains. Led by founder Maciej Baj, formerly of Lisk blockchain, t3rn has recently launched its platform for smart contract interoperability across blockchain industries and services. They also have a smart contract repository that allows developers to earn money whenever their smart contracts are used. 

t3rn is currently looking to recruit an experienced Rust developer. The successful candidate would also be in charge of implementing back end interoperability across blockchains. A strong familiarity with Polkadot and Substrate is expected. A degree (BS) or (BA) is necessary but strong and provable related work experience can also be considered. The successful candidate should have a willingness to learn and be comfortable with mastering new programming languages. The role presents an opportunity to later influence and lead the Rust engineering division. The position carries with it the prestige of working within the Substrate Builders Program and offers attractive remuneration along with token incentives.

Head of Design at Remblock | Remote 

Remblock is the leading REMChain block producer, the public blockchain for distributed access management. Remblock is looking for a head of design who can supply that creative spark while balancing with a brand identity that is consistent across all channels. You’ll be working with a small team to transform Remblock’s online identity into a brand that communicates its message with clarity, consistency, and precision. The position requires that the optimum balance between crypto design and UI/UX is maintained. The team is looking for someone with experience working within the cryptocurrency industry for at least two years. Applicants will be expected to provide:

  • Resume
  • Github account
  • Portfolio
  • Personal statement 

Full Stack Developer (NodeJS, Solidity, ReactJS) at HaloDAO 

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HaloDAO is a Southeast Asian project focused on growing DeFi liquidity. It is intent on building, among other things, a region-specific stablecoin. HaloDAO’s stated goal is to widen financial inclusion by tapping into partnerships with businesses, particularly within the thriving remittance market. Their battle cry is to bank the unbanked. 

The requirements for this full stack developer role will involve the successful candidate participating in building a system that brings real-world liquidity to DeFi. This involves not just the ability to program smart contracts, but also to research, code, and maintain them. Comprehensive knowledge of EVM and defi is a requisite. Solidity, Truffle, and HardHat are considered essential skills.

Halo DAO is also looking for a senior product designer | remote

Head of Tokens at Immutable | Sydney 

Sydney-based Immutable is the creator of Immutable X. They’re at the forefront of developing a platform for Layer 2 NFTs. Their aim is to make NFT activities seamless through zero gas fees, scalability, and instant trades for games. Immutable is also known for pioneering the successful blockchain trading game Gods Unchained. 

The head of token role will oversee almost every aspect of token creation, distribution, design and operation. It entails comprehensive knowledge of DeFi, NFTs and gaming behavior. Knowledge of the legal and regulatory aspects of this asset class is also needed. The head of token would be leading a team by setting key performance indicators as well as process workflows. Strategic relationships with industry insiders are also integral to the position. 

The job is located in Sydney, but working from home is also possible on an as-needed basis. There are a lot of perks offered with the role including a cash incentive for upgrading your home-office setup.

Immutable is also looking for a head of business development.

Lead Software Engineer in Test - Typescript/Go at Chainlink Labs

Chainlink’s stratospheric success is now translating into major scaling and expansion efforts. The company’s success in the deployment of smart contracts and oracles is evident in their partnerships. Their work is seen in Google through their hybrid blockchain and Google Cloud deployment. They’re also connected with Oracle and SWIFT. Their mission is to connect real-world off-chain data to on-chain networks; Chainlink also figures prominently in DeFi.
Chainlink is looking to fill a number of roles. Foremost among them is lead software engineer in Test- Typescript/Go. Here, the successful candidate will be leading the test and automation framework. The candidate would have to demonstrate competence through three years of experience in software engineering, test, quality assurance or deployment. A degree in computer science or engineering is also required. JavaScript, Typescript and Golang high-level proficiency is also desired and an analytical communicator would be ideal. They’re also looking to fill the following roles:

Chainlink Integration Engineer at LinkPool | Remote

LinkPool is a third-party provider within the Chainlink ecosystem. Their repertoire of services includes staking of LINK tokens on their nodes, the Chainlink market, node-as-a-service, and managed nodes & consultancy. LinkPool was founded in 2017 and its growth has been commensurate with Chainlink’s rapid expansion. 

As a Chainlink integration-engineer, the successful candidate will get started with initializing LinkPool’s Chainlink node infrastructure. The candidate must have a thorough understanding of both Ethereum and Chainlink’s architecture. Proficiency in Javascript and Typescript is very much favored and two years’ experience in a similar role is preferred.

LinkPool is also hiring for the following roles:

Front-End Development Engineer at imToken | Singapore/China 

ImToken has been a wallet provider since 2016. Its product offerings include a multiple chain wallet, a decentralized exchange in the form of, a hardware wallet, a DApp browser and staking services. imToken has offices all over the world, including Hangzhou, China and Singapore. It has served over 10 million customers and has $80B transacted through its decentralized exchange.

The front-end role has the following criteria:

  • 3+ years front-end development experience


  • JavaScript/CSS and React

Solid understanding:

  • DevExpress Model View - View Model framework
  • Redux design philosophy and implementation
  • Articulate complex logic through text and flowcharts
  • Demonstrable open source projects
  • Able to communicate in Mandarin


  • Blockchain and blockchain project development
  • Native Android/iOS client development
  • React-Native project development

ImToken also has vacancies for the following positions: 

CTO/Senior Developer at STRIPS | Remote / Singapore

STRIPS is a promising DeFi startup that aims to minimize financial risks and rationalize them into segments that can be traded with other assets. In traditional finance, examples of these risks in the banking sector include a bank’s portfolio of non-performing assets or loans. These could then be traded or packaged as mortgage-backed securities. STRIPS will be bringing these capabilities to decentralized finance.Their requirement for a CTO includes technical expertise and experience in directing a company. The ideal candidate should have some knowledge of JavaScript/Solidity, Python/Vyper or Rust. Thorough knowledge of DeFi, blockchain, virtual assets and how the cryptoconomy works is a given. An analytical self-starter who thinks outside the box and has back-end development experience is also recommended.

Defi Developer at Three Arrows Capital | Singapore

Singapore-based Three Arrows Capital has been managing hedge funds since 2012. It was founded by Kyle Davies and Su Zhu. It is a registered fund management company that is duly registered and under the regulatory authority of the Monetary Authority of Singapore and is focused on cryptocurrencies and DeFi. Its investments include AAVE, Balancer, DerivaDEX, dHEDGE, Futureswap, KeeperDAO, Kyber Network, Perpetual Protocol, Synthetix, Woo Network and dYdX exchange.

The DeFi developer role would involve implementing connectors to Three Arrows’ existing defi protocols. This expansion should lead to enhanced capabilities for Three Arrow traders and developers. A strong understanding of Ethereum and blockchain is necessary and JavaScript is also considered essential. Knowledge of C++, Python, Golang or Java would also be optimal, while trading experience is recommended.  

NFT ERC721 + 1155 Token Marketplace Development at Troon Technologies   

Founded in 2012 by Paul Dube, David Mancuso and Muhammad Mehboob, Troon Technologies has expanded over the years to offer an array of services. These include websites, applications, hosting, blockchain development and mobile applications. 

The role they’re looking for strikes the perfect balance between a full stack developer and backend. Extensive knowledge of different blockchain projects should be a part of the experience of the successful candidate. It is also essential that the developer has experience in creating ERC-721/ERC-1155 smart contracts. One of the primary objectives for the successful candidate is to develop NFT tokens for a marketplace. Delivering blockchain services for Troon’s clients is also on the table. Backend JavaScript, Node.js and Express.js are among the skills expected. 

Business Developer at Lightcurve | Berlin, Germany 

Lightcurve GmbH is primarily based in Berlin and is the developer studio behind the Lisk project. Lightcurve is currently headed by CEO Max Kordek. The apps it has built on Lisk include the Lisk DAO, Fit Market, Lisk Ticketing, Collabolancer, and many more through its Builders Program. The network was successfully started in 2016 after raising 16,000 BTC in an early ICO.The role of business developer with Lightcurve necessitates an expert take on the business side of blockchain development. A university degree in business management or a similar field is advantageous. The successful hire would be in charge of creating new opportunities and partnerships to give the Lisk blockchain a viable revenue stream. Strong business networking relationships with connections in cryptocurrency markets are a plus. Strategic analysis of the business moves of competitors would also be beneficial. 

Centre Heads (x4), BIS Innovation Hub at Bank for International Settlements 

Finally, the Bank for International Settlements is looking for four centre heads for the BIS Innovation Hub. The BIS was established in 1930 with the intention of fostering International cooperation in the realm of financial stability. It is owned by 63 central banks all over the world and comprises monetary authorities. In December 2020, Ledger Insights quoted from BIS Innovation Head, Benoît Cœuré, that there was a high likelihood that CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies) would be created using blockchain technology. 

The four centre heads will be assigned to the new BIS Innovation Centres located in Frankfurt/Paris, London, Stockholm and Toronto. The quartet would work towards fostering international cooperation and innovation in global financial technology. Each would be leading efforts to pinpoint and research emerging trends in fintech that are deemed to be of critical interest to banks and financial institutions. An advanced degree from a university of international repute is necessary.

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