Big Quit - The Great Resignation: This Crypto Jobs List Has Come to Rescue!
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Big Quit - The Great Resignation: This Crypto Jobs List Has Come to Rescue!

6 months ago

Did you just quit your job? CoinMarketCap can help you reinvent your career in the cryptocurrency space, whatever your background! Check out our job list to find your new career!

Big Quit - The Great Resignation:  This Crypto Jobs List Has Come to Rescue!

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The Great Resignation, or the Big Quit, is a powerful trend that began during the pandemic when a surprising number of people left their regular jobs to try new ventures.

Behind this Big Quit, there could be various reasons, including a search for better pay, or the necessity to start an independent activity, be it freelance or as an entrepreneur.

The pandemic has undoubtedly shaken the stability of previous work conditions and ignited the need for new challenges.

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4% of Americans Quit Their Jobs Due to Crypto Earnings

One of the main areas that people started to look at is crypto. A survey by American analytics firm Civic Science found that 4% of the nearly 7000 people interviewed had quit their jobs, while 11% personally knew someone who had left their jobs thanks to substantial crypto earnings obtained over the last year.

Interestingly, most of the people interviewed were low income – or responded for people under the $50,000 revenue threshold. The majority of them were looking at crypto as a long-term investment.

Crypto is regarded as one of the current best hedges against inflation. Indeed, some industry enthusiasts became lucky and wealthy during the pandemic by simply investing in the right cryptocurrency. However, many more people shifted to crypto jobs as the blockchain industry expanded to include DeFi, NFTs, and the metaverse.

The Need for More Healthy and Creative Jobs

The Great Resignation has signaled a quest for a more healthy and creative approach to work, with exciting opportunities arising outside of the traditional professional positions.

The metaverse, NFTs, and DeFi can play a crucial role in providing a work frame where productivity isn’t the result of boundaries like hourly work and hourly wages but the convergence of incentives and personal values.

The Professions of the Future

Software developers, all kinds of designers and engineers, and architects are all traditional works that will shift into the metaverse as these professions will be increasingly required to serve the parallel world. NFT and the metaverse will deliver the creativity and entrepreneurship currently missing in most professional careers.

Let’s not forget the incentives to participate in metaverse play-to-earn economics, which offers money to play games. It is generally believed that blockchain will offer a crucial function to gamers, especially in play-to-earn, where high demand for projects in the decentralized gaming community is already in place.

Jobs in crypto PR and marketing are so far offering great opportunities and will continue to boost in the future. Along with creative writing, storytelling, and community management, the metaverse and crypto will shape the future workforce in fashion, the travel industry, and all possible fields that require human intervention in a world where robotics risks replacing people.

CoinMarketCap Can Help You!

CoinMarketCap’s latest mission is to empower crypto enthusiasts by offering an open, fun, and fast-paced work environment and a job market for people from all walks of life.

In the true spirit of cryptocurrency, most roles within the industry are remote, with international exposure and flexibility in terms of hours to suit individuals’ needs.

As crypto enters mainstream mode, there’s never been a better time for candidates to enter the industry and pursue an ideal career move. The jobs market is healthy, with blockchain-related businesses seeking fundamental skills in various roles.

Most Recent Roles Advertised on the CoinMarketCap’s Crypto Job List

CoinMarketCap - Business Development (Media & Publications)

CoinMarketCap (CMC) is the world’s leading crypto data and price aggregator. From a price-tracking page only, it developed into the world’s most trusted and accurate source of cryptocurrency data, used by millions of people and businesses worldwide.

Its mission is to make crypto discoverable and efficient globally by combining robust research from multiple resources and empowering individuals and businesses with a fair and realistic representation of the industry while driving adoption on a large scale.

CoinMarketCap is seeking a qualified business development specialist crucial in establishing partnerships with essential media outlets and publications worldwide. The ideal candidate is a self-starter with initiative who does not need much direction to get the job done.

The ideal candidate will help generate strategies for CMC’s media division; build and maintain relationships with critical international media outlets; identify and provide prospective leads; keep relevant records in the CRM system.

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Homa Games - Blockchain Engineer

Homa Games is the world’s leading platform for creating and publishing mobile games.

Homa provides digital tools that help developers focus on their ideas, power their creativity, optimize all the features, and massively distribute the games worldwide. Homa-powered apps have been downloaded more than 500 million times.

Homa is now launching Web 3.0 activities with all the new opportunities blockchain technology offers to the gaming industry.

In this blockchain and Web 3.0 context, they are hiring a blockchain engineer to support Homa Games in reaching the next level and design blockchain features to integrate into game mechanics and assess ideas' feasibility from a technical standpoint.

The blockchain engineer will help integrate blockchain into their game offerings by designing and writing smart contracts to fit in-game needs. The self-driven individual will participate in technical specification design, technical roadmap, and integration of blockchain-related components like NFTs and wallets.
An understanding of blockchain functioning and vulnerabilities are a must, as is previous experience in writing smart contracts and with Solidity, web3.js, and ethers.js library.

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Homa Games - Gaming Token Economist

This Gaming Token Economist will help design a token strategy by collaborating with the game mechanics team to integrate tokens within the gameplay. This professional will contribute to the whitepaper explaining gaming, tokenomics concepts, and model token financials, sensitivity, and supply.
The successful candidate will design and implement a strategy to distribute tokens (e.g., ICO, IEO, IDO, crowd sale, etc.) and help engage the community to grow the token.
Deep knowledge of blockchain and the crypto world and experience in DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, and Web 3.0 are a must. Understanding of tokenomics and experience in ERC20 are also desirable.

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Bifrost Finance - Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Bifrost Finance is a DeFi parachain of the Polkadot ecosystem, designed to stack liquidity.
Bifrost’s mission is to provide decentralized staking liquidity derivatives to users. The protocol unlocks the liquidity of staked assets in PoS networks by addressing related issues.

Bifrost is seeking a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to join its executive leadership team.

The CMO will develop Bifrost's marketing strategy, define its core marketing metrics, and drive measurable impact on critical brand awareness, community growth, and user adoption.

The main requirements are 7+ years of work experience in a marketing leadership role, ideally in fintech or tech, and industry experience in crypto/web3/DeFi (knowledge of Polkadot is highly preferred).

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Runtime Verification Inc - Sr. Technical Product Manager

Runtime Verification Inc. is a technology company headquartered in Urbana, Illinois, with staff spread across the globe, including Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia. They provide testing and verification services to public and private companies in blockchain domains.

Runtime Verification Inc (RV) is looking for a Sr. Technical Product Manager to join the company and lead the creation of a variety of potential new products. The ideal candidate will drive the product strategy and delivery and has an entrepreneurial nature with a solid technical background.

The RV products of the future can be internal tools to help engineers in blockchain or embedded systems and can be rooted in formal methods or not.

The successful candidate will work directly with the company leadership, as they are a very flat organization.

Experience shipping successful products, especially v1.0, and prior exposure to Product Management methodologies in a commercial environment are must-haves.

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