Get Verified on ‘CMC Community’ & Start Building Your Community ✅
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Get Verified on ‘CMC Community’ & Start Building Your Community ✅

3 months ago

Follow our guide and learn how to get verified on CMC Community.

Get Verified on ‘CMC Community’ & Start Building Your Community ✅

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CMC Community Verified Account Guide 👇

Hey there! Thank you for using CMC Community as a way to develop a deeper connection with your followers — while you’ve been browsing, you may have notice a blue “Verified” badge near some accounts. The following is a full guide on how you can get verified, too!


What Is a Blue Verified Badge on CMC Community?

The blue-badge means that CoinMarketCap has initially verified the account to be authentic (as in, owned by the respective influencer/media). The content/opinions published under Verified-Accounts are owned by the respective authors; and not authored by CMC. Please make sure to Do Your Own Research and report any misleading content.
Blue Verified badges are meant to help build a solid foundation of validity and verifiability towards your profile, to help the rest of the CMC Community users to make sure they’re following the right accounts. This also allows users to refine their feed by following verified experts who have their motivations in the right place.
Before we begin, it’s important to note that verified accounts cannot be transferred to other existing accounts or to new accounts you create. The verification process will need to be repeated for each and every account.

Three main account types can get verified in CMC Community:

1. Projects (Coins/Tokens/NFTs/etc.)
2. Organizations (Exchanges/Fintech/Government/Agencies/etc.)
3. KOLs (Influencers/Media/YouTubers/etc.)


What Are the General Requirements to Apply for a Blue Verified Badge?

#1 - First, be sure to read our Community Rules carefully, so that your verified account can maintain authenticity in every aspect. This is a must.
#2 - Up next, being active and posting as much as you can on the Community platform is very important.
#3 - Several factors will determine if your account can be granted a verified badge:
Profile: Your display name, username, avatar, bio and posts must reflect you, your project or your organization in an authentic and professional manner.
Account Type: Your account must fall into one of the following categories: Project, Organization, or KOL (Influencer).
Reputation: Your brand is trusted and established, has no association with illegal activities, can be found in multiple ways and can bring value to CMC Community users.


Verification Process for Projects, Organizations, and KOLs

Criteria to Get a Verified Badge as a Project Account:

Only projects which are already listed on CoinMarketCap will qualify for the badge. If your project is not yet listed on CoinMarketCap, kindly apply here.

Verification Procedure:

1. First, create an account on, preferably using an email that is associated with your project. If you already have an account, proceed to step 2.

You won’t be able to set a username equal to your project name (or any project name) until your account has been verified, as these names are reserved.

2. Please complete this form to correctly update and/or verify your profile:

In the form, you’ll be asked to provide:

- CMC-registered email;

- Logo image (square PNG File);

- Display name;

- User name;

- Bio (max. 160 characters);

- Website URL.

When filling in this form, kindly note that your avatar, display name and account name must be the same as your official project name. Also, your bio should relate to your organization, and the web link should redirect to your organization’s official website, as shown below:
Please ensure that all details are provided accordingly in your application form, as incomplete documentation will get rejected. Also, don’t use a personal name for the display and/or user name or your application will get rejected.


Criteria to Get a Verified Badge as an Organization Account:

Same as above, but you must also be able to provide:

1. Company registration documents;

2. A photo or valid government ID;

3. Website links to three notable articles mentioning company information.


Criteria to Get a Verified Badge as a KOL (An influencer):

Same as above; however the following stipulations apply:

1. Ability to be Verified in different capacities such as news organizations, Wikipedia or similar industry references, whitepapers, technical documentation, media coverage & official partnerships.
2. You Must Be An Active User who posts on CMC Community regularly.
3. Follower Count:
  • 3rd-Party: Existing culminative follower base of at least +10K on any social platforms (Twitter/Discord/Telegram/Reddit/etc)
  • CMC-Community: Current following of at least +2,000 followers on CMC-Community
  • Your Niche: Crypto Niche. Content to be created & published must be in a specific niche like DeFi, NFTs, Play2Earn and so on.


After You’ve Applied

1. Check your account five days after you’ve submitted your application, but please allow at least 2 weeks for the CMC Community team to review your application.
2. If your application is rejected, you may attempt another application in the future


Losing Your Verification

1. Once verified, please don’t change your display name, username or avatar.
2. The CMC Community team will review your profile periodically to maintain a healthy ecosystem on our platform. If we notice any infringements to our guidelines, such as a noticeable lack of activity, breaching community rules, misleading users, or using bots, we reserve the right to remove your badge immediately and even ban your account in extreme situations.


Any Questions?

  1. Feel free to email us at any time at
  2. Want to change any existing information? Just fill up the application form again.


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