Weekly Wrap: Upcoming NFT Sales to Watch This Week [Dec. 8, 2021]

Weekly Wrap: Upcoming NFT Sales to Watch This Week [Dec. 8, 2021]

9 months ago

CoinMarketCap takes a look at some upcoming NFTs dropping that collectors can mint or buy — from a memorial stone NFT to commemorate loved ones, to Cryptoadz-inspired toads with 3D ambitions.

Weekly Wrap: Upcoming NFT Sales to Watch This Week [Dec. 8, 2021]


As investors scramble to spot the next CryptoPunks, here’s a rundown of some upcoming NFTs that are worth keeping an eye on this week.

Wednesday, Dec. 8

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WebZee NFTs

  • Price: 0.1 ETH

  • No. of Tokens: 3,450

Talk about investing in NFTs just for the fun of it. The WebZee collection has an air of carefreeness around it and that is what makes it quite interesting. According to the project’s website, WebZee is a “random dude” who likes to draw cool stuff and release dope NFTs.

3,450 non-fungible tokens have been generated from 34 abstract backgrounds, 32 character faces, 17 signatures and 50 mostly illegible epigrams. The artist also claims that the collection includes obscure artistic references that may not be understood, helpful life advice, and cooking recipes for his grandma's chocolate chip cookies.

As for its roadmap, WebZee does not pack any punch. The plan is to start up, cash in, sell out and bro-down.

Loafz NFTs

  • Price: 0.6 SOL

  • No. of Tokens: 5,888

According to the storyline of this NFT project, 5,888 Loafz from 15 unique species have been captured by an evil villain and it is your job as a collector to break them out. But this is not the intriguing thing about the project.

Loafz has introduced what can be described as the first-ever tiered tax system aimed at discouraging collectors from immediately selling their NFTs. Those who choose to sell a week after launch will be taxed 80% royalties on the sales. This percentage continues to drop until the eighth week when royalties drop to 5%. The motive behind the sales penalty is to “weed out” so-called paper hands.

Meanwhile, taxes generated from the sales will go into a community treasury that will be used for sweeping and supporting new projects that will benefit holders.

Crypto Captains NFTs

  • Price: 1 SOL

  • No. of Tokens: 6,000

Do you ever wish you were Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean? Well, here’s your chance to become a pirate in the metaverse.

Crypto Captains, aka Sea Rovers, is a pirate-themed collection of 6,000 NFTs. This 64-bit pixel art is composed of pirate-themed ships sailing through the metaverse, and owning a Sea Rover will make you a MetaVoyager.

Similar to Loafz, Crypto Captains has also deployed an anti-sell mechanism. However, in their case, a whale known as the Kraken will be lurking in the secondary market to buy the NFTs from those who choose to sell at low prices. This action is supposed to reduce supply and raise the supply of the remaining tokens.

Further down the roadmap, Sea Rover holders will form the MetaVoyager DAO and a staking functionality will be enabled.

Thursday, Dec. 9

Memorial Stones NFTs

  • Price: 0.1 ETH

  • No. of Tokens: 5,000

Memorial Stones touts itself as “the world’s 1st commemorative NFTs & dedicated metaverse.”

Whether it’s your grandma, parent, or high school sweetheart, we all have that special someone that we wished never left. Well, this NFT project can help your preserve these precious memories on the metaverse.

“Each Memorial Stone is an original, delicately crafted artwork that provides you with a unique way to celebrate the story of your loved one [...] It is our honor to present a digital landscape for you to wander with family and friends as you share in the special memories of those who have passed.”

In addition to serving as a key to your own personal Memorial Hall, where you can curate and keep cherished memories of your loved ones, each of the 5,000 Memorial Stone NFT will also stand at your chosen location throughout the Remember Metaverse.

Speaking of its roadmap, the memorial flower NFT was launched in November 2021. By Q1 2022, NFT holders will be able to download high-quality 3D files of their respective Memorial Stones. Meanwhile, proceeds from the sales will be used to purchase digital properties across various metaverses, including Decentraland and Sandbox, as well as to create Memorial Parks for commemorative artworks.

The Remember Metaverse, an ethereal metaverse designed to celebrate the souls of loved ones, is expected to go live in Q4 2022.

Crazy SuitCases NFTs

  • Price: 0.03 ETH

  • No. of Tokens: 10,000

You’d have to agree that the world came to a standstill at the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Movement became restricted and, in some countries, a full lockdown was implemented.

With global travel restrictions in place, “suitcases stopped fulfilling their function.” Soon after they began going crazy, giving birth to the Crazy SuitCases collection. 10,000 suitcases have escaped from their owners and need to be claimed.
At 75% mint, 10 ETH or $41,000 will be donated to poor people around the world through GiveCrypto, a nonprofit that distributes cryptocurrency to people living in poverty. And at 100% mint, 10 suitcase holders will receive 1 ETH each.

The team has also introduced what is known as “stamp collection” to increase the value of the suitcases. Users can buy and attach stamps to their suitcases for 0.01 ETH to increase their value.

Friday, Dec. 10

Raptor City Rascals NFTs

  • Price: 0.05 ETH

  • No. of Tokens: 10,000

10,000 so-called rascals have been designated a public nuisance in Raptor City. The Rascal collection is derived from over 160 hand-drawn assets that were then combined to create avatars of varying rarity. Moreover, the Rascals come in three forms – Organic, Mech and Shade.

There are 7,000 Organic NFTs, 2,000 Mechs, and 1,000 Shades.

In general, the ecosystem has been broken down into five core projects – Raptor City merchandise, Raptor City Wars, City Stories, a metaverse project and the Raptor City Black Market.

“Holding a Raptor City NFT provides access to the Black Market: a monthly pop-up shop offering everything from free mints and POAPs to limited-edition 1/1s and physical merchandise […] The Black Market will only open for 72 hours each month, and once it closes, unsold items will be gone for good.”

Saturday, Dec. 11

Galaxy Panda NFTs

  • Price: 3 SOL

  • No. of Tokens: 10,000

Galaxy Panda is a collection of 10,000 exclusive 2D & 3D NFTs with proof of ownership stored on the Solana blockchain. It also includes a play-to-earn game, set to debut in Q1 2022.

The primary utility of the NFTs is in a play-to-earn game. Apart from this, very little has been said about what NFT holders will benefit.

“In 2022, users will be able to Play and Earn GPA tokens and new NFT in a 3D fighting type game. Galaxyverse will be a unique game on the metaverse to allow anyone around the world to play and have fun using your NFT Panda.”

The Memorable: Heroes Signed 3D NFTs

  • Price: 0.08 ETH

  • No. of Tokens: 250

The Memorable describes itself as the “first digital memorabilia collection.” With a collection size of just 250 tokens, this NFT series features 30x heroes signed collectibles, including the autograph of 19 team players of Chelsea Football Club, a unique papal artefact from Pope John Paul II, and an iconic Scarface Al Pacino autograph. The team claims that all the autographs have been expertly certified by independent experts.

“The Memorable Society of the Metaverse brings the most iconic personalities of our history into the blockchain galaxies keeping virtues, merits and achievements of these inspiring role models alive...”

Token holders will own a portion of the Memorabilia DAO and be able to vote on proposals and funding.

In the beta stage of the roadmap, NFT holders will get token airdrops, DAO access, and a legendary drop.

Terra Obscura

  • Price: 0.08 ETH

  • No. of Tokens: 5,000

This gamified AI art creation community is kickstarting its project with 5,000 super high resolution 1/1 beautiful landscapes that offer membership to its community. The images in the collection are generated by short text descriptions within a few minutes, and according to the team, gen 1 token holders will be able to use the project’s AI to create their own NFT's.

“We believe there is more to this space than buzzwords and PFP's and will be creating the first dynamic NFT art creation community. We want our artists to feel like they really benefit from their work and will be directing secondary royalties back to them along with many other benefits along the way.”


  • Price: 0.069 ETH

  • No. of Tokens: 6,969

Inspired by the popular Cryptoadz, CROAKZ is a collection of 6,969 3D toads with big dreams.

For a start, the team intends to collaborate with reputable studios that specialize in quality vinyl models and toys. So, you could see 3D-printable CROAKZ, gummies, candies, hats, and shirts around you in the near future.

The quality of the CROAKZ artwork is undeniable, as a certain Cozomo de' Medici would ascertain.

As expected, there are also plans to delve into the metaverse.

“It just makes sense! We want CROAKZ to be a staple in any future VR/AR ecosystem. We are ready for opportunities that bring life to CROAKZ in the metaverse. The current models will need to be massaged further and rigged for interactive 3D experiences.”

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