Toilet Paper NFTs Launch for Crypto Investors Who Are Feeling Flush
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Toilet Paper NFTs Launch for Crypto Investors Who Are Feeling Flush

10 months ago

The Charmin pieces are raising money for charity, and bids have already exceeded $2,000.

Toilet Paper NFTs Launch for Crypto Investors Who Are Feeling Flush


If you thought people fighting over toilet roll was so 2020, think again. 

Charmin, a major toilet paper manufacturer, has announced the sale of five toilet roll-themed non-fungible tokens via an auction on the Rarible marketplace. 

The brand is famed for its fun take on marketing, with its latest foray into the world of crypto deemed another way they can help consumers “enjoy the go” — both virtually and in real life. Proceeds from the auction will go to the humanitarian aid organization Direct Relief, which helps improve the lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies. 

Charmin’s Vice President Rob Reinerman said: 

“We’re always looking to provide the best TP, but a better bathroom experience can expand well beyond the seat. NFT(P) is a fun and playful way to give the biggest Charmin fans a one-of-a-kind virtual version of their favorite roll.” 

Big Brands Turn to NFTs 

Up until very recently, NFTs have been restricted to a small band of digital artists, but major household brands like Charmin and Taco Bell have started to get in on the action.

Purchase of the art will get you a cryptocurrency token, which will prove ownership of the digital file, plus a physical display you can hang in your bathroom, next to a couple of real rolls. 

Charmin commissioned the artwork on the NFTs from three illustrators — Donna Adi, Shanee Benjamin, and Made by Radio — and they feature decorated toilet rolls as well as the Charmin bear. 

The company added:

“The NFT(P) presents a brilliant toilet paper aesthetic with soft but durable textures, making it a true centerpiece of your personal crypto art collection.” 

Since the launch of the auction yesterday, the highest price for one of the NFTs has reached 58.5 Rarible tokens, which is around $2,079 at the time of writing. 

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