Last Week on Crypto Twitter: NFTs, the Queen and the Merge

Last Week on Crypto Twitter: NFTs, the Queen and the Merge

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2 months ago

Crypto Twitter last week was surprisingly well-behaved. Let’s cover the week’s biggest talking points.

Last Week on Crypto Twitter: NFTs, the Queen and the Merge


Gm anon,

You are probably one of the 9 out of 10 living humans born after Elizabeth became Queen. But we hope you were for once able to sit on your hands and not buy into the latest crypto scam — altcoins and NFTs released for the Queen’s death.

Apart from that gaffe, Crypto Twitter last week was surprisingly well-behaved. Let’s cover the week’s biggest talking points.

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Who Went Viral This Time?

There were a few bangers, but we decided to highlight the educational gems.

The first was a thread from jpgx.eth about the best tools to use for trading NFTs. Yes, the NFT market is down. But no, NFT trading is not dead. We should know since we recently published an article about NFT trading strategies.

Anywho, you’ll want to go through this one and bookmark it. He covers the best:

  • Market data tools
  • Mint scanners
  • Wallet scanners
  • Sniping tools
Another great thread came from Misha Davinci (who writes viral threads for fun). She covered the 100 web3 startups everyone needs to know about:
  • Blockchains
  • Artist and creator platforms
  • Communities and groups
  • DeFi tools
  • Entertainment and media
  • Exchanges
  • Marketplaces
  • Metaverse and gaming
  • NFT brands
  • Ecosystems and infrastructure

It’s a handful! But if you want a TLDR version of the most important players in the blockchain industry, this thread is a must-read:

Finally, entrepreneur gigabrain and crypto bull Balaji Srinivasan published an insightful thread that relates to his idea of a Network State — a virtual state whose economy is tied together by a common cryptocurrency. We’ll be covering this Network State concept in a separate article soon.
In his thread, Balaji covers the importance of card keys as “passports” to private spaces. Because think about it — the really interesting stuff happens behind the proverbial and literal closed doors. Not too long and worth a read:

Who Is Arguing in Way Too Public a Place?

Moving on to the drama side of Crypto Twitter. There was not that much gossip last week, but the spat we noticed didn’t disappoint.

@FatManTerra, a pseudonymous account that is a big part of the Luna community, came out with this tweet:

Now you have to know that FatMan isn’t your run-of-the-mill anon. Guy has built some credibility for himself by releasing truthful and genuine content about Luna. But a “high-yield BTC farm?” We heard that one before, haven’t we?

FatMan’s tweet turned out to be a purposefully fake scheme as a warning to suckers out there – he tweeted next that people had sent him over $100,000 to invest (all of which he returned). His message? Stay vigilant out there, folks, as the next to-good-to-be-true investment scheme may not end so well.

Now out of all people who’d know something about high-yield farms, Do Kwon chipped in:

Now you could certainly say that it takes one to know one. But the irony of Do Kwon commenting on the legitimacy of farms isn’t lost on us.

Or maybe Do Kwon just needs a break from his new position at Flipside Crypto, where he now works as Daphne Kwon:

(Apologies to the real Daphne Kwon, but this one’s just too funny not to mention it!)

Elon and Saylor Say Stuff

Our weekly section of Crypto Twitter’s two mascots tweeting outrageous stuff.

Elon was surprisingly quiet last week and didn’t cover crypto at all. He did, however, let us know that he did not like the “woke” Lord of the Rings TV series:

To be fair, he correctly pointed out that his comment section is getting spammed by bots. C’mon Twitter, do something!

Saylor’s most interesting tweet last week was an Arcane report on how Bitcoin mining can transform the energy industry:

Well, well, if that isn’t a topic we just covered on Alexandria in detail! Here’s our three-part series on Bitcoin and energy:

Part 1: How the Shale Oil Boom and Flare Gas Could Transform Bitcoin Mining

Part 2: Bitcoin and Energy: Debunking the 7 Biggest Bitcoin Energy Myths

Part 3: Bitcoin and Energy: Bitcoin Mining — a Revolution in our Energy Production?

Talk of the Town

This one was tough to cover last week because there are a lot of talking points!

It feels like we’re moving closer to the eye of the storm with winter approaching. A potential energy crisis in Europe is looming, so the macro spilled over into crypto again, such as in this tweetstorm about a potential sovereign debt crisis:

The author was also nice enough to cover the most important question “wen long crypto:”

Arthur Hayes also covered macro in his essay last week:

TLDR; BTC should be a good alternative asset in a world of economic and real war (as we covered in our Bitcoin nation-state theory piece). DegenSpartan agreed:
Of course, everyone is still wondering whether the bottom is in. Short answer: sort of. As we covered in our July Update, price-based capitulation seems mostly done:

Not everyone agrees though:

Bitcoin crabbed on some more last week, so for now it seems that much of the downside is in, though much upside shouldn’t be expected either. Either way, a good time to actually build some stuff, says Crypto Twitter:

And what better thing to build than a better version of Ethereum?

Obviously, the Merge is the talk of the town.
And second, because the ETH Merge Trade has everyone at the edge of their seats:

ETH has performed spectacularly against BTC in the last weeks and it will be very exciting to see how the ETH/BTC pair continues to trade after next week’s merge.

Our Favorite Coinfession

Ah Coinfessions, Crypto Twitter’s dark underbelly. we want you to pay close attention to who you’re hooking up with, anon:

Better think twice next time before breaking up.


No submission from Crypto Twitter can beat this gem:

Rest in peace, Your Majesty!

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