CoinMarketCap Daily, Sept. 6: Will BTC Finally Hit Six Figures?
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CoinMarketCap Daily, Sept. 6: Will BTC Finally Hit Six Figures?

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1 year ago

Plus — there's a bit of a mystery over the much-hyped plans for Akon City.

CoinMarketCap Daily, Sept. 6: Will BTC Finally Hit Six Figures?


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Bitcoin to $100K, Bloomberg Analyst Says 🤑

Bloomberg Intelligence's Mike McGlone says further dramatic gains in the crypto markets are now "the path of least resistance." He's set a target of $100,000 for Bitcoin — and $5,000 for Ether. McGlone thinks the crypto market has a better chance of resuming its upward trajectory after surviving a "gut-wrenching correction" — and he's especially bullish on ETH. Read more.

NFL Teams Barred from Crypto Deals and NFTs ❌

NFL teams are reportedly being stopped from entering into sponsorship deals with crypto platforms. They're also not allowed to launch their own NFT collections. According to The Athletic, the NFL is adopting a "go slow" attitude with this industry, like it did with gambling and alcohol brands. However, there's a risk the sport could fall behind as a result. The latest.

'Disappointment' as Akon City Stalls 😢

R&B star Akon attracted international media attention when he announced plans to create Akon City in the African nation of Senegal. It would boast crypto payments, twisting skyscrapers and cutting-edge homes and hospitals. But a year after the ceremonial stone was laid, building work is yet to begin — and locals are starting to get nervous. Find out more here.

Over 200,000 ETH Now Burned By EIP-1559 😱

The amount of Ether burned by EIP-1559 has now surpassed 200,000 ETH — worth $780 million at current market rates. The improvement proposals means that ETH paid in transaction fees is now destroyed rather than given to miners, reducing supply. Current rates suggest 300 ETH are being burned each hour. Here are the numbers.
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