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Volmex Labs is the builder of the VIV Index (Volmex Implied Volatility Index), which measures the 30-day implied volatility of crypto assets. Today, BTC and ETH VIV Indices are live.


The VIV Index (Volmex Implied Volatility Index) is a measure of the real-time 30-day implied volatility of crypto assets like BTC and ETH calculated using options contracts. Today, BTC and ETH VIV Indices are live. The VIV Index is the crypto fear gauge. VIV is a powerful tool that provides crypto investors and traders with valuable insights into the state of the market and expected volatility; crypto investors and traders previously did not have an easy-to-access and reliable measure of volatility. 

The VIV Index introduces several innovations. The VIV Index consolidates options and futures data from multiple exchanges to create a global order book. The VIV Index also uses an exponentially weighted moving averaging (EWMA) method to smooth the raw implied variance, without missing a trend.

Volmex also builds VIV-linked DeFi derivatives that offer the ability to hedge or speculate on the VIV Index. VIV-linked derivatives include volatility token v2 and more. Volatility token v2 introduces a novel volatility trading AMM that allows users to express views on the VIV Index with ERC20 tokens (volatility tokens).

Volmex is backed by leading crypto investors and traders including Alameda Research, Robot Ventures, CMS Holdings, Orthogonal Trading, and more. The Volmex team consists of world-class talent from various crypto and TradFi companies including Staked, IMC Trading, ConsenSys, and more.

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