What's New on CoinMarketCap?

What's New on CoinMarketCap?

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CoinMarketCap had quite a busy start of the year — check out all of the new features we have added to our website and mobile app.

What's New on CoinMarketCap?

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CoinMarketCap's 2021 Q1 Recap

2021 was off to an inauspicious start, with a relatively confused atmosphere and the uncertainties of the pandemic and a continuous lockdown in many parts of the world. However, 2021 also welcomed some positive events. In the crypto world, we witnessed the ATHs for Bitcoin, Ethereum and many more coins, and we also witnessed the surprising high auction price for a NFT art piece by Beeple! 

With this crypto fever continuing, the CoinMarketCap team was keeping busy and tried very hard to deliver features that you’ve long asked for! It’s always good to look back on what we have achieved, and hopefully you are now enjoying all the new things we’ve provided to you!

Enhancements on CoinMarketCap's Website

In Q1 2021, we delivered a few important products, including:

1. Enhanced watchlist

Our watchlist feature has always been a long loved product. We didn’t think merging the portfolio feature with watchlist would be a good idea; instead, we put in more thoughts into how to make it a more powerful tool for everyone.

We expanded the functionality of the CoinMarketCap watchlist in the following ways:

  • Enabled multiple watchlists for every user;
  • Added the public watchlist feature for users to share their own investment ideas;
  • Added the ability to follow others’ watchlists and get some ideas of coins/ tokens to watch for;
  • Added a leaderboard of public watchlist and ranked the most popular watchlists.

2. Customized homepage

We know that you have been asking us to add lots of different data items, but our homepage is not big enough to accommodate everyone’s requests. Therefore, we thought of a solution, which was to provide more data items and let you decide how your homepage should look! With our auto-refreshed data and your own customized homepage, we believe you can make the best choice for your next investment.

3. New filtering

With more and more projects listed on CoinMarketCap, and more and more different types of projects, it’s hard to keep up with all the new coins or tokens added in the specific type of cryptocurrencies you care about. We made a good cleanup with all the projects’ tags and added the new filtering criteria. Now you can filter by category (e.g. Collectibles & NFT, DeFi, etc), algorithm (e.g. PoS, PoW, PoC or more), platform (e.g. Ethereum, BSC, Polkadot and more) or industry (like gambling, memes, etc). 

Plus all the good criteria we used to provide (such as filtering by price change, volume, etc), you can get a nice and really targeted list of coins/tokens.

4. Category ranking and category pages

You might want to watch from the coin/token level, but have you thought about monitoring performances of a specific crypto category? We provide you with a new category ranking page that you can see the aggregated performance of different crypto sectors. You can also view what coins belong to that category very easily by clicking the category name, or simply click on the different tags on the coin page. 

5. ICO Calendar

Still have a lack of investment ideas? There are some new projects which might attract your attention and if you want to get to the front seat, you’ll definitely need to get in quickly! We provided an overview of ICO events on the new ICO calendar page, easier to find good new projects to invest in or to understand what’s going on in the crypto world. We’ve also listed these ICO tokens before they are released, so you can put them in your watchlist from an earlier stage. 

Other enhancements on the coin detail page include the following: 

  • Integrated with TradingView chart;
  • Added Wallets tab;
  • Added total value locked (TVL), Market Cap/TVL Ratio, and Volume/Market Cap ratio;
  • Added MetaMask link;
  • Added Dextool link.

Enhancements of the CoinMarketCap Mobile App

The CoinMarketCap website isn’t the only thing that saw lots of progress in Q1 — the CoinMarketCap mobile app has become even more useful for checking the prices of crypto and more, right from your pocket.

1. Enhanced watchlist

We brought our enhanced watchlist feature from the website to our mobile app as well. Mobile app users can sync their watchlist between devices and take it with them on the go! You get all of the same new features like multiple watchlists, shareable watchlists and the ability to follow popular lists all on your mobile device.

2. Portfolio enhancements

Based on feedback from our community, we made the following adjustments to our portfolio:

  • Price auto refresh on the portfolio page, so you always have the latest prices.
  • We brought back the option to view your portfolio balance in your default fiat currency and default cryptocurrency. 

Simply tap your portfolio balance to toggle back and forth.

3. To further our mission of showcasing the crypto revolution to the world, we translated our Android app into eight new languages!

  • German
  • Indonesian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Spanish
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese

Android users can now select their preferred language from the language menu on the settings page.

Other updates

View token contract address on coin details page and link to meta mask on the coin details pages

To keep up with the latest trends, we added new sections on the Sectors tab for Polkadot Ecosystem, Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem and NFTs & Collectibles. Use these pages to track the trending tokens in each sector and the largest sectors by market cap.

We hope to see you soon, checking out all our new features, on CoinMarketCap!

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