TKO X CoinMarketCap AMA - 250 TKO Token Airdrop!

TKO X CoinMarketCap AMA - 250 TKO Token Airdrop!

1yr ago

CoinMarketCap will host an AMA with the “TOKO” token team on telegram (@CoinMarketCap)

TKO X CoinMarketCap AMA - 250 TKO Token Airdrop!

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Fellow CoinMarketCaptains,CoinMarketCap will host an AMA with the TKO team on CoinMarketCap telegram community.
AMA Date : July 13th, 2PM SGTAMA Total Reward Pool : 250 TKO tokensAMA Individual Reward Pool : 10 TKO tokensAMA Reward Distribution : TKO teamAMA Community : 
There will be a 250 TKO tokens airdrop as rewards! So, If you know the answer, please submit the correct answers in the Quiz-Form below! We will airdrop 10 TKO tokens to 25 winners who correctly answer all the questions and winner will be selected randomly.

TKO X CoinMarketCap AMA

If you have trouble submitting, please try again in this dedicated link:‍

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