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Man Storms Stage, Rips Off Suit and Shouts about DOGE at Bitcoin Conference

Published on:
June 7, 2021

He was booed and carried off stage after interrupting a panel event in Miami.

Man Storms Stage, Rips Off Suit and Shouts about DOGE at Bitcoin Conference

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The Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami wasn’t short of big announcements — but in true crypto fashion, it was also accompanied by a healthy dose of chaos.


Disgruntled attendees claimed that the event was grossly overbooked, with some people being forced to stand in line for two-and-a-half hours in the heat, missing keynote speakers in the process.


Organizer David Bailey apologized for those who were inconvenienced, and said security checks caused a rather substantial bottleneck.


One disgruntled visitor compared the event to “Fyre Festival round two,” writing:

“This was a joke and completely unacceptable. My wife and I stood in the heat for 4 hours on our anniversary. By the time we got in she almost had a heat stroke so we left. The event was 4X oversold. WTF?!? We won’t be back. Will be getting a full refund. Never again.”

A DOGE Infiltrator 

Despite the rather extensive security checks being blamed for some of the delays, the conference didn’t pass without a rather daring stunt.


Whereas talk of altcoins was meant to be strictly prohibited at Bitcoin 2021, some attendees decided to get creative in order to get their message across.


A suited and booted Dogecoin supporter ended up interrupting one of the panels — ripping his jacket and shirt off to reveal a picture of the world’s most famous shiba inu.


It seems he had been planning the stunt for some time before the event, as he had mused about doing something similar on TikTok days earlier.


He was heard shouting “DOGECOIN TO THE MOON” several times before being carried off stage to the sound of boos.


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