Famous Bitcoin Price Predictions: Did They Get It Right?
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Famous Bitcoin Price Predictions: Did They Get It Right?

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Everyone loves to try and guess Bitcoin's price. Will it go up? Will it go to zero? Is this magical internet money going to make it?

Famous Bitcoin Price Predictions: Did They Get It Right?

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The art of predicting the price of Bitcoin is practiced far and wide. While some prefer to live on the pessimistic side, looking to a future when Bitcoin is at zero, the crypto sphere is a wasteland, and big banks rule all.

Others see the future of this "magical internet money" as limitless, predicting numbers that would make almost anyone with any Bitcoin rich enough to buy one (or more) Lambos.

CoinMarketCap has made a list of the most recent Bitcoin price predictions to see if anyone (anyone at all) is getting it right.

Bitcoin Price Predictions


NamePublished inPredictionTarget Date
 Kevin O’Leary Jan 2021Giant nothing-burger--
 Erik Voorhees Jan 2021$20,000-$100,0002022
 Erik Voorhees Jan 2021$100,000-$300,0006-12 months from prediction date
 Peter Schiff Jan 2021Fool's gold--
 Chamath Palihapitiya Jan 2021$200,0005-10 years (from prediction date)
 Bill Miller Jan 2021+50-100% (c.$45,000-$60,000)Next 12-18 months from prediction date
 JPMorgan Jan 2021$146,000Long-term theoretical bitcoin target
 Catherine Coley (Binance US CEO) Jan 2021$75,000+End of 2021
 Michaël van de Poppe Dec 2020$65,000 - $85,000End of 2021
 Nouriel Roubini Dec 2020Hyperbolic bubble, driven by manipulation--
 Scott Minerd (Guggenheim) Dec 2020$400,000Eventually
 Robert Kiyosaki Dec 2020$50,0002021
 Ray Dalio Dec 2020Gold-like asset alternatives--
 Willy Woo Dec 2020$200,000 - $300,000Dec 2021
 Mike McGlone (Bloomberg) Nov 2020$170,0002022-2023
 PlanB (S2F Model) Nov 2020$100,000 - $288,000Dec 2021
 Mike Novogratz Nov 2020$65,000--
 Philip Swift Nov 2020$22,000In a few weeks (from prediction date)
 Citi Nov 2020$318,000Dec 2021
 Ray Dalio Nov 2020To be killed by Gov--
 PlanB Nov 2020$100,000End of 2021
 Winklevoss brothers Oct 2020$500,000--
 JP Morgan Oct 2020$26,000 – $39,000--
 Bloomberg Intelligence Oct 2020$100,0002025
 Peter Schiff Oct 2020Bitcoin is a bubble--
 PlanB (S2F Model) Sep 2020$288,0002024 halving
 Anthony Pompliano Aug 2020$400,000Long-run
 Anthony Pompliano Aug 2020$100,000Late 2021
 Max Keiser Jul 2020$100,000--
 Panxora (Gavin Smith) Jul 2020$7,000End of 2020
 Simon Dedic Jun 2020$150,000--
 Bloomberg Intelligence Jun 2020$20,0002020
 Adam Back Jun 2020$300,0002025
 Mark Yusko (Morgan Creek) May 2020$100,0002021-2022
 Robert Kiyosaki May 2020$75,0002023
 Tim Draper Apr 2020$250,000Early 2023
 Mike Novogratz Apr 2020$20,0002020
 Sonny Singh Jan 2020$20,0002020


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