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'Fake News': Roger Ver Hits Out at GoDaddy for Saying Can Be Bought for $100M

Published on:
April 6, 2021

In a private tweet to the company, he said: 'Why are you listing my domain name for sale? It isn’t for sale.'

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Roger Ver has accused the domain name provider of “spreading fake news” after advertising that was for sale.


In a post on Reddit, the entrepreneur shared screenshots of private messages he had sent to the company, in which he said:

“Why are you listing my domain name for sale? It isn’t for sale. Please remove this fake news that is damaging my real brand.”

It appears that his strongly worded missive had the desired effect, as is no longer advertised as being available to purchase. Instead, visitors to the page are invited to get in touch with a broker who can supposedly arrange negotiations on their behalf.


Yours for $100 Million? 

In another comment on Reddit, Ver wrote:

“Seems strange that on the day that Bitcoin Cash is pumping a lot, Jameson Lopp and other BTC maximalists start spreading fake news that is for sale. If true, that would clearly damage BCH a lot. Maybe this is just one more dirty trick by the BTC maximalists.”

Lopp had shared a screenshot of GoDaddy’s website, which showed that was available for a jaw-dropping $100 million. His tweet was accompanied by the caption: “WELL WELL WELL, WHAT HAVE WE HERE.”


Ver first heard of Bitcoin as early as 2011, and began investing in small crypto startups that have now become household names today (at least in crypto), including BitPay, Kraken and 


After long campaigning for Bitcoin’s block size to be increased, he unequivocally aligned himself with the Bitcoin Cash fork in 2017.


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